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Symbiosis and resilience

Routledge Handbook of Contemporary India

Authored by
Subrata Kumar Mitra

Print publication date: August 2015
Online publication date: August 2015

India’s democracy, with its vast spread, astounding depth and resilience, is remarkable. 1 By the st    Read more...
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Global citizenship in an insurrectional era

Routledge Handbook of Global Citizenship Studies

Authored by
Nevzat Soguk

Print publication date: June 2014
Online publication date: June 2014

‘10 tips to promote global citizenship….’ is how a recent article in the Guardian newspaper starts. (King, 2012) But what global citizenship means is    Read more...
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Gold resumption and the deflation of the 1870s

Routledge Handbook of Major Events in Economic History

Authored by
Richard C. K. Burdekin

Print publication date: January 2013
Online publication date: February 2013

The great fall in prices … fell with especial severity upon the agricultural classes and other producers of raw material … One class of persons in the    Read more...
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Disability and diversity

Routledge International Handbook of Diversity Studies

Authored by
Carol Thomas

Print publication date: November 2014
Online publication date: November 2014

Whilst this book is testimony to the importance that the concept diversity has attained in recent years, it is necessary to explore a relatively unans    Read more...
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Oceans Policy

Routledge Handbook of National and Regional Ocean Policies

Authored by
Camille Mageau

Print publication date: May 2015
Online publication date: May 2015

Over the years, Canada, like most other coastal nations, has developed an intricate set of policies and regulatory instruments focused on the manageme    Read more...
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History of economic thought and policy-making at the european commission

Routledge Handbook of the Economics of European Integration

Authored by
Ivo Maes

Print publication date: October 2015
Online publication date: October 2015

Economic thought and policy-making at the European Commission are very much a function of two elements: first, the treaties, as they determined the ma    Read more...
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Kant's theory of human rights

Handbook of Human Rights

Authored by
Luigi Caranti

Print publication date: September 2011
Online publication date: February 2012

Many philosophical accounts of human rights are currently presented as Kantian or strongly based on Kant's assertion of human beings’ inherent worth.    Read more...
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Environmental justice and civil society

Routledge Handbook of Environment and Society in Asia

Authored by
Piya Pangsapa

Print publication date: August 2014
Online publication date: September 2014

One of the most important developments in environmental studies in recent years is the increasing recognition of the close interconnections between so    Read more...
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Measuring Economic Growth and the Standard of Living

Routledge Handbook of Modern Economic History

Authored by
Lee A. Craig

Print publication date: December 2012
Online publication date: January 2013

Gross domestic product (GDP), the value of final goods and services produced within a country during a period of time, is the measure economists typic    Read more...
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The evolution of Taiwan’s policies toward the political participation of citizens abroad in homeland governance

Routledge Handbook of the Chinese Diaspora

Authored by
Pei-te Lien

Print publication date: November 2012
Online publication date: February 2013

The year 2011 is celebrated by the government in Taiwan as entering the one-hundredth anniversary of the founding of the Republic of China (ROC). The    Read more...
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