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English as a Second Language Writing and Automated Essay Evaluation

Handbook of Automated Essay Evaluation

Authored by
Sara C. Weigle

Print publication date: April 2013
Online publication date: July 2013

Much of the published work on automated scoring of writing has focused on writing instruction and assessment in K–16 education in the United States, w    Read more...
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Newspaper Strips

The Routledge Companion to Comics

Authored by
Pascal Lefèvre

Print publication date: July 2016
Online publication date: August 2016

Some kinds of (graphic) narratives are labeled by the material medium that carries them. This is the case for newspaper strips, a term that we can use    Read more...
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From Virtual Ethnography to the Embedded, Embodied, Everyday Internet

The Routledge Companion to Digital Ethnography

Authored by
Christine Hine

Print publication date: December 2016
Online publication date: January 2017

My first online ethnographic experience happened over twenty years ago in a real-time text-based virtual reality setting called a MUD (Multi-User Dung    Read more...
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Russian Perspectives on Communication

The Handbook of Communication in Cross-Cultural Perspective

Authored by
Igor E. Klyukanov

Print publication date: September 2016
Online publication date: August 2016

This chapter has an overall focus on communication as it is conceptualized, studied, and taught in Russia. (1) The chapter begins by introducing the c    Read more...
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The Contribution of Phonetics to the Study of Vowel Development and Disorders

Handbook of Vowels and Vowel Disorders

Authored by
Sara Howard

Print publication date: September 2012
Online publication date: May 2013

“Now we must pull ourselves together, for we have come to the vowels, and they are very troublesome.” (Rippmann, 1911: 32)    Read more...
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The Routledge Handbook of Language and Culture

Authored by
Anna Gladkova

Print publication date: December 2014
Online publication date: December 2014

Ethnosyntax is an approach to studying grammar as a vehicle of culture. The term ‘ethnosyntax’ was introduced by Wierzbicka (1979) to reflect a new pe    Read more...
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Positioning language and identity

The Routledge Handbook of Language and Identity

Authored by
Judith Baxter

Print publication date: February 2016
Online publication date: February 2016

Applied linguistics now offers a rich diversity of theoretical and analytical approaches to conceptualise the relationship between language and identi    Read more...
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Figurativeness, conceptual metaphor, and blending

The Routledge Handbook of Metaphor and Language

Authored by
Barbara Dancygier

Print publication date: November 2016
Online publication date: November 2016

Figurative language has interested stylisticians, literary scholars, and linguists for a long time. The last thirty years of scholarship have brought    Read more...
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Language, Identity and Intercultural Communication

The Routledge Handbook of Language and Intercultural Communication

Authored by
Kimberly A. Noels

Print publication date: November 2011
Online publication date: March 2012

It is commonly noted that, owing to technological advances in transportation and communication, the redistribution of production and labour, and other    Read more...
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The Story of Life History

The Routledge International Handbook on Narrative and Life History

Authored by
Ivor Goodson

Print publication date: October 2016
Online publication date: October 2016

Searching for the origins of the life history method, we found that the first life histories, in the form of autobiographies of Native American chiefs    Read more...
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