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Bradley Classification of disease transmission routes for water-related hazards

Routledge Handbook of Water and Health

Authored by
Jamie Bartram

Print publication date: October 2015
Online publication date: September 2015

Understand the purposes and value of a disease classificationsystem.    Read more...
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Ordering extraction from multiple aquifers

Routledge Handbook of Water Economics and Institutions

Authored by
James A. Roumasset

Print publication date: December 2014
Online publication date: December 2014

The economics of groundwater (e.g. Burt 1967; Brown and Deacon 1972; Krulce et al. 1997; Koundouri 2004; Pitafi and Roumasset 2009) is typically direc    Read more...
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Sustainability and Fashion

Routledge Handbook of Sustainability and Fashion

Authored by
Joanne Entwistle

Print publication date: August 2014
Online publication date: August 2014

In this chapter, I want to examine some of the ways in which fashion has been analysed and criticised within the social sciences, particularly from my    Read more...
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Modeling and simulation of tissue load in the human spine

Routledge Handbook of Biomechanics and Human Movement Science

Authored by
N. Arjmand

Print publication date: May 2008
Online publication date: June 2008

Low back disorders (LBDs) are highly prevalent worldwide, affecting up to 85 per cent of adults at some time in their lives, causing suffering, disabi    Read more...
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From Declassified Documents to Redacted Files

The Routledge Companion to Military Research Methods

Authored by
Emily Gilbert

Print publication date: May 2016
Online publication date: April 2016

I stumbled into my research on the military. One morning, while living in Australia, I happened upon a short article in the newspaper entitled “Troops    Read more...
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Instrumentation of Sports Equipment

Routledge Handbook of Sports Technology and Engineering

Authored by
Franz Konstantin Fuss

Print publication date: November 2013
Online publication date: November 2013

There are three types of instrumentation in sport: instrumentation of athletes, equipment and facilities. Each type has its advantages, disadvantages    Read more...
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English as a Second Language Writing and Automated Essay Evaluation

Handbook of Automated Essay Evaluation

Authored by
Sara C. Weigle

Print publication date: April 2013
Online publication date: July 2013

Much of the published work on automated scoring of writing has focused on writing instruction and assessment in K–16 education in the United States, w    Read more...
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Evaluating the Energy Security Impacts of Energy Policies

The Routledge Handbook of Energy Security

Authored by
David F. von Hippel

Print publication date: December 2010
Online publication date: December 2010

For policymakers, the term “energy security” refers mostly to assured access to oil, coal, and gas. This conventional energy security concept, however    Read more...
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Neuromuscular Adaptations in Running

Routledge Handbook of Ergonomics in Sport and Exercise

Authored by
William A. Braun

Print publication date: November 2013
Online publication date: December 2013

Run training, as with all forms of physical exercise training, stimulates the development of adaptations that should benefit the performance of the ta    Read more...
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A renaissance of animism

Routledge Handbook of Sustainable Product Design

Authored by
Michael Leube

Print publication date: May 2017
Online publication date: May 2017

Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.   
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