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Kant's theory of human rights

Handbook of Human Rights

Authored by
Luigi Caranti

Print publication date: September 2011
Online publication date: February 2012

Many philosophical accounts of human rights are currently presented as Kantian or strongly based on Kant's assertion of human beings’ inherent worth.    Read more...
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Understanding Performance-Enhancing Substances and Sanctions Against their Use from the Perspective of History

Routledge Handbook of Drugs and Sport

Authored by
Ian Ritchie

Print publication date: June 2015
Online publication date: June 2015

According to Justice Charles Dubin, drug use is the ‘antithesis’ of what sport should be about. Writing in the report of the inquiry into the use of p    Read more...
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Youth and generation

Handbook of Youth and Young Adulthood

Authored by
John Goodwin

Print publication date: February 2009
Online publication date: June 2009

The relationship of young people to the generations that surround them, either younger or older, has been of interest to sociologists, psychologists a    Read more...
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Being Threatened and Being a Threat can Increase Reliance on Thoughts

Handbook of Personal Security

Authored by
Pablo Briñol

Print publication date: May 2015
Online publication date: April 2015

The psychological impacts of threats are very broad. The chapters in this volume document how threats can influence a wide range of cognitive, affecti    Read more...
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Surveillance as biopower

Routledge Handbook of Surveillance Studies

Authored by
Ayse Ceyhan

Print publication date: March 2012
Online publication date: April 2012

This chapter explores the relevance of Michel Foucault’s concepts of biopower and governmentality for understanding the rationalities of contemporary    Read more...
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The ordinary acts that contribute to ecocide

Routledge International Handbook of Green Criminology

Authored by
Robert Agnew

Print publication date: December 2012
Online publication date: August 2013

Mainstream criminologists focus on the explanation of “street crimes,” such as assault, robbery, and larceny. But as green and other criminologists po    Read more...
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History of Critical Criminology in Australia

Routledge Handbook of Critical Criminology

Authored by
Kerry Carrington

Print publication date: October 2011
Online publication date: October 2011

Those working in the critical criminology tradition have been centrally concerned with the social construction, variability and contingency of the cri    Read more...
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Understanding immigration, crime and victimization in the United States

The Routledge Handbook on Crime and International Migration

Authored by
Marjorie S. Zatz

Print publication date: September 2014
Online publication date: September 2014

Immigration and crime have been intertwined in political and public discourse in the United States almost since the founding of the country, with fear    Read more...
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Corruption Networks in China

Routledge Handbook of Corruption in Asia

Authored by
Jiangnan Zhu

Print publication date: December 2016
Online publication date: November 2016

Rapid economic growth provides opportunities for institutionalising new forms of corruption and for re-enforcing existing networks of wealth extractio    Read more...
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Varieties of Testimonial Injustice

The Routledge Handbook of Epistemic Injustice

Authored by
Jeremy Wanderer

Print publication date: April 2017
Online publication date: March 2017

Suppose that my testifying at a disciplinary tribunal leads to my unfair dismissal. This would be an instance of injustice that is the result of an ac    Read more...
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