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Fertility and Gender in the Ancient Near East

Sex in Antiquity

Authored by
Stephanie Lynn Budin

Print publication date: December 2014
Online publication date: December 2014

Human females and males make very different contributions to the process of reproduction. Females conceive and incubate the embryo/fetus within their    Read more...
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The Ecology of Health in Herodotus, Dicaearchus, and Agatharchides

The Routledge Handbook of Identity and the Environment in the Classical and Medieval Worlds

Authored by
Clara Bosak-Schroeder

Print publication date: December 2015
Online publication date: January 2016

‘Environmental determinism’ is the idea that climate, geography, or other environmental factors cause people to look and behave the way they do. Schol    Read more...
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Takehan, Cokerulle , and Mutemaque

The Routledge History Handbook of Medieval Revolt

Authored by
Jan Dumolyn

Print publication date: November 2016
Online publication date: November 2016

After 1280, the year in which a general wave of revolts struck the textile-producing cities of the Southern Low Countries and Northern France, two eni    Read more...
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Greco-Roman Understanding of Christianity

The Routledge Companion to Early Christian Thought

Authored by
Paul Hartog

Print publication date: December 2009
Online publication date: December 2009

How did early Christianity appear to pagan observers within its Greco-Roman cultural context? Such a question underscores the difference between “insi    Read more...
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Being mothers or acting (like) mothers?

Women in Antiquity

Authored by
M. Erica Couto-Ferreira

Print publication date: August 2016
Online publication date: August 2016

Assyriological studies have tended to turn to mythological and literary texts, on the one hand, and to visual representations, on the other, in order    Read more...
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Shakespeare and English Translations of the Classics

The Routledge Research Companion to Shakespeare and Classical Literature

Authored by
Liz Oakley-Brown

Print publication date: April 2017
Online publication date: March 2017

As Melissa Yinger and Michael Ursell’s review of ‘Shakespeare’s Books’ (chapter 1 in this volume) and William P. Weaver’s description of ‘A Classical    Read more...
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Stoicism in early Christianity

The Routledge Handbook of the Stoic Tradition

Authored by
Troels Engberg-Pedersen

Print publication date: February 2016
Online publication date: February 2016

The question of the relationship between Stoicism and early Christianity is one of those that will not go away. The fact that a short, apocryphal and    Read more...
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Greek Hagiography in Late Antiquity (Fourth–Seventh Centuries)

The Ashgate Research Companion to Byzantine Hagiography

Authored by
Stephanos Efthymiadis

Print publication date: December 2011
Online publication date: April 2016

Late antiquity is by now a firmly established term to denote the time-span which runs from roughly the fourth to the mid-seventh century CE and has be    Read more...
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Looking in from the outside

The Routledge Companion to Strabo

Authored by
Jesper Majbom Madsen

Print publication date: March 2017
Online publication date: March 2017

This chapter presents Strabo’s perception of Rome, Roman culture and Roman power in general. The geographer himself serves as a striking example of th    Read more...
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The Deserts

The Egyptian World

Authored by
John C. Darnell

Print publication date: September 2007
Online publication date: May 2013

The Nile Valley is a narrow ribbon of agricultural land cutting through the North African desert, and the oases of the Western Desert are but small is    Read more...
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