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What is Routledge Handbooks Online (RHO)?

Routledge Handbooks Online brings together the world’s leading scholars to provide a cutting-edge overview of classic and current research and future trends in the Social Sciences and Humanities, while at the same time providing an authoritative guide to theory and method, the key sub-disciplines, and the primary debates of today. Every title within RHO is surrounded with meaningful metadata and abstracts at a chapter level, making it fully searchable and browsable, providing a functionality of greater value to the student and researcher.

Key features of RHO include:

  • Instant access to over 850 Routledge Handbooks, Companions and Worlds titles, with all content made searchable and browsable at the chapter level
  • Highly discoverable content with all chapters individually indexed according to our proprietary taxonomy
  • Flexible, intuitive search refinement, enabling users to easily add and remove search filters directly on the results page
  • Explore content by Subject, People, Organizations & Movements, Events, Time Period, Region, Book or Chapter Title, Author, Publication Dates
  • Chapters available to view as HTML or as downloadable PDFs
  • All content is DRM-free
  • Image gallery for each book
  • Personalized login for individual users: Bookmark entries, save and manage searches, view and save search history, and set up search alerts for favourite topics
  • Download, share, and citation tools
  • Institutional access via Shibboleth
  • Institutional account management functionality
  • COUNTER 4 compliant analytics and usage statistics.

What content is available?
RHO includes over 850 of Routledge’s premium Handbook, Companion, and Worlds titles, across a diverse variety of subject areas, including Education, Psychology, Asian Studies, Security Studies, Business & Economics, Linguistics, Philosophy, Sociology, Sport & Leisure, and Criminal Justice & Criminology.

What is the price of RHO?
Pricing details are available by contacting us.

What handbooks are available on the platform?
Over 850 handbooks are available across 27 subject areas. This does not represent all of our handbook publishing in these areas and we will continue to add new titles to these collections on a regular basis. 

Does the platform contain all available Routledge handbooks? 
Digitization is ongoing and new handbooks are being added continuously.

When using filtered search for a core subject area, why are more results returned than the number of books in the collection? 
Handbooks from outside the collection may contain relevant chapters relevant to the subject. Many of the books and chapters are interdisciplinary therefore searching for a broad subject area will likely return more books than the number given in our curated collections. 

The book I'm viewing has no article abstracts or keywords?
Some abstracts and keywords are not yet supplied. They will be uploaded to the site at regular intervals. The vast majority of articles on the site have abstracts and keywords. 


What authentication options are available?
We offer authentication by:

  • IP address
  • Proxy server
  • Shibboleth

How do I qualify for a free trial?
Free trials are available to qualifying academic and institutional customers. Please ask your librarian to fill out our Free Trial Form to request a trial.


How can I request permission to photocopy or republish material?
All material published by Taylor & Francis Group, LLC and its divisions is protected under United States and international copyright and intellectual property laws, and we ask you to respect this when using our material.

Prior written consent is required if you wish to reproduce any of our material. Please be aware that there may be fees involved when material held under copyright is reproduced or translated.

For further information, please see

Altmetric for Books

What is Altmetric for Books?
Altmetric for Books uses the ISBN as the unique identifier for a book to track, monitor and collate the online attention surrounding books and individual chapters in order to offer insights for authors, editors and readers to monitor and report on the wider dissemination and influence of their scholarly writing.

This data is then collated into a number:

This number can include: - citations in public policy documents, Wikipedia pages, research blogs, mainstream media coverage, bookmarks on reference managers like Mendeley, and mentions on social networks such as Facebook and Twitter.

How can authors use Altmetric's data?

• Everything in one place and up to the minute
An eagle’s-eye view of how researchers, journalists and the general public are responding to your research, with live and immediate tracking of citations, mentions on social media and referrals by media outlets for all books and chapters.
• Showcase your research’s impact
Recognition of important research can take time and some topics are less likely than others to receive immediate online attention, the data given by Altmetric for Books enables comparison with other research published in your field and by your publisher.
• Connect with your audience
With Altmetric for Books, authors can now see who has tweeted or blogged about their book or individual chapter instantly - connecting you with a community of researchers outside your own institution.

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