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Routledge Handbook of the Arab Spring

Edited by: Rethinking Democratization

Print publication date:  December  2014
Online publication date:  December  2014

Print ISBN: 9780415523912
eBook ISBN: 9781315763026
Adobe ISBN: 9781317650041

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Book description

The self-immolation of Mohammed Bouazizi in Tunisia in December 2010 heralded the arrival of the ‘Arab Spring,’ a startling, yet not unprecedented, era of profound social and political upheaval.

The meme of the Arab Spring is characterised by bottom-up change, or the lack thereof, and its effects are still unfurling today. The Routledge Handbook of the Arab Spring seeks to provide a departure point for ongoing discussion of a fluid phenomenon on a plethora of topics, including:

  • Contexts and contests of democratisation
  • The sweep of the Arab Spring
  • Egypt
  • Women and the Arab Spring
  • Agents of change and the technology of protest
  • Impact of the Arab Spring in the wider Middle East and further afield

Collating a wide array of viewpoints, specialisms, biases, and degrees of proximity and distance from events that shook the Arab world to its core, the Handbook is written with the reader in mind, to provide students, practitioners, diplomats, policy-makers and lay readers with contextualization and knowledge, and to set the stage for further discussion of the Arab Spring.

Table of contents

Prelims Download PDF
Chapter  1:  Unruliness through Space and Time Download PDF
Chapter  2:  On the ‘Arab Spring’: Democratization and Related Political Seasons Download PDF
Chapter  3:  Arab Politics after the Uprisings Download PDF
Chapter  4:  Towards a Historical Sociology of the Arab Uprising Download PDF
Chapter  5:  The Arab Spring Download PDF
Chapter  6:  Interpreting the Tunisian Revolution Download PDF
Chapter  7:  The Roots of the Tunisian Revolution Download PDF
Chapter  8:  Tunisia’s Revolution and the Domestic–International Nexus Download PDF
Chapter  9:  Libya’s Arab Spring Download PDF
Chapter  10:  Libya’s Islamists and the 17 February Revolution Download PDF
Chapter  11:  The Uprising in Bahrain Download PDF
Chapter  12:  The Arab Spring Comes to Syria Download PDF
Chapter  13:  Yemen’s Arab Spring Download PDF
Chapter  14:  A Process of Perpetual ‘Uncovering’ Download PDF
Chapter  15:  Pro-Regime versus Oppositional Media Download PDF
Chapter  16:  The Egyptian Revolution Download PDF
Chapter  17:  Making the Crisis Visible Download PDF
Chapter  18:  The ‘Anguish’ of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt Download PDF
Chapter  19:  Contemporary Islamist Discourses on the State in Egypt Download PDF
Chapter  20:  Failure of a Revolution Download PDF
Chapter  21:  Syria’s ‘Arab Spring’ Download PDF
Chapter  22:  Tunisia’s Women Download PDF
Chapter  23:  Breakdown of the Authoritarian ‘Social Contract’ and Emergence of New Social Actors  Download PDF
Chapter  24:  The Tunisian Revolution Download PDF
Chapter  25:  Revolutionary Contagion Download PDF
Chapter  26:  A Public Sphere Revolution? Download PDF
Chapter  27:  The Revolution Never Ends Download PDF
Chapter  28:  Al Jazeera and Televised Revolution Download PDF
Chapter  29:  Graffiti Arts and the Arab Spring Download PDF
Chapter  30:  Poetry and the Arab Spring Download PDF
Chapter  31:  Deconstructing Despotic Legacies in the Arab Spring Download PDF
Chapter  32:  Youth and Technology in a Bottom-Up Struggle for Empowerment Download PDF
Chapter  33:  Evolution not Revolution? Download PDF
Chapter  34:  Algeria Download PDF
Chapter  35:  The Arab Spring and Democratization Download PDF
Chapter  36:  Protest and Reform Download PDF
Chapter  37:  Palestine and the Wind of Arab Revolution Download PDF
Chapter  38:  Turkey and the Arab Uprisings Download PDF
Chapter  39:  Turkey Download PDF
Chapter  40:  Iran’s Own Popular Uprising and the Arab Spring Download PDF
Chapter  41:  The Israel Tent Protests Download PDF
Chapter  42:  Revolutions in North Africa Download PDF
Chapter  43:  The European Union and Democracy Promotion Download PDF
Chapter  44:  The Nordic Countries and the Arab Spring Download PDF
Chapter  45:  From Spain to Egypt Download PDF
Chapter  46:  European Union Democracy Promotion in Tunisia Download PDF
Chapter  47:  The Arab Spring through Russian ‘Eyes’ Download PDF
Chapter  48:  North America’s Response to the Tunisian and Egyptian Uprisings Download PDF
Chapter  49:  The Arab Spring Download PDF
Select_Bibliography Download PDF
eBooks Download PDF
Index Download PDF
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