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Routledge Handbook of Chinese Medicine

Edited by: Vivienne Lo , Michael Stanley-Baker , Dolly Yang

Print publication date:  June  2022
Online publication date:  June  2022

Print ISBN: 9780415830645
eBook ISBN: 9780203740262
Adobe ISBN:

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Book description

The Routledge Handbook of Chinese Medicine is an extensive, interdisciplinary guide to the nature of traditional medicine and healing in the Chinese cultural region, and its plural epistemologies. Established experts and the next generation of scholars interpret the ways in which Chinese medicine has been understood and portrayed from the beginning of the empire (third century BCE) to the globalisation of Chinese products and practices in the present day, taking in subjects from ancient medical writings to therapeutic movement, to talismans for healing and traditional medicines that have inspired global solutions to contemporary epidemics. The volume is divided into seven parts:

  • Longue Durée and Formation of Institutions and Traditions

  • Sickness and Healing

  • Food and Sex

  • Spiritual and Orthodox Religious Practices

  • The World of Sinographic Medicine

  • Wider Diasporas

  • Negotiating Modernity

This handbook therefore introduces the broad range of ideas and techniques that comprise pre-modern medicine in China, and the historiographical and ethnographic approaches that have illuminated them. It will prove a useful resource to students and scholars of Chinese studies, and the history of medicine and anthropology. It will also be of interest to practitioners, patients and specialists wishing to refresh their knowledge with the latest developments in the field.

The Open Access version of this book, available at http://www.taylorfrancis.com, has been made available under a Creative Commons Attribution-Non Commercial-No Derivatives 4.0 license

Table of contents

Prelims Download PDF
Chapter  1:  An introduction Download PDF
Chapter  2:  Yin, yang, and five agents (wuxing) in the Basic Questions and early Han (202 BCE–220 CE) medical manuscripts Download PDF
Chapter  3:  Qi 氣 Download PDF
Chapter  4:  Re-Envisioning Chinese medicine Download PDF
Chapter  5:  The importance of numerology, part 1 Download PDF
Chapter  6:  The importance of numerology, part 2 medicine Download PDF
Chapter  7:  Therapeutic exercise in the medical practice of Sui China (581–618 CE) Download PDF
Chapter  8:  The canonicity of the Yellow Emperor's Inner Classic  Download PDF
Chapter  9:  Pre-standardised pharmacology Download PDF
Chapter  10:  Developments in Chinese medicine from the Song through the Qing Download PDF
Chapter  11:  Ancient pulse taking, complexions and the rise of tongue diagnosis in modern China Download PDF
Chapter  12:  Case records Yi'an 醫案 Download PDF
Chapter  13:  Acupuncture illustrations Download PDF
Chapter  14:  Anatomy and surgery Download PDF
Chapter  15:  History of disease Download PDF
Chapter  16:  Pre-modern madness Download PDF
Chapter  17:  Late imperial epidemiology, part 1 Download PDF
Chapter  18:  Late imperial epidemiology, part 2 Download PDF
Chapter  19:  Folk medicine of the Qing and Republican periods Download PDF
Chapter  20:  What not to eat – how not to treat Download PDF
Chapter  21:  Chinese traditional medicine and diet  Download PDF
Chapter  22:  Food and dietary medicine in Chinese herbal literature and beyond Download PDF
Chapter  23:  The sexual body techniques of early and medieval China – underlying emic theories and basic methods of a non-reproductive sexual scenario for non-same-sex partners Download PDF
Chapter  24:  Sexing the Chinese medical body Download PDF
Chapter  25:  Gynecology and obstetrics from antiquity to the early twenty-first century Download PDF
Chapter  26:  The question of sex and modernity in China, part 1 Download PDF
Chapter  27:  The question of sex and modernity in China, part 2 Download PDF
Chapter  28:  Daoism and medicine  Download PDF
Chapter  29:  Buddhist medicine Download PDF
Chapter  30:  Time in Chinese alchemy Download PDF
Chapter  31:  Daoist sexual practices for health and immortality for women Download PDF
Chapter  32:  Numinous herbs Download PDF
Chapter  33:  Transmission of Persian medicine into China across the ages Download PDF
Chapter  34:  Vietnam in the pre-modern period Download PDF
Chapter  35:  History and characteristics of Korean Medicine Download PDF
Chapter  36:  Chinese-style medicine in Japan Download PDF
Chapter  37:  A brief history of Chinese medicine in Singapore Download PDF
Chapter  38:  Minority medicine Download PDF
Chapter  39:  Early modern reception in Europe Download PDF
Chapter  40:  The emergence of the practice of acupuncture on the medical landscape of France and Italy in the twentieth century Download PDF
Chapter  41:  Entangled worlds Download PDF
Chapter  42:  The migration of acupuncture through the Imperium Hispanicum  Download PDF
Chapter  43:  Long and winding roads Download PDF
Chapter  44:  Translating Chinese medicine in the West Download PDF
Chapter  45:  The Declaration of Alma Ata Download PDF
Chapter  46:  Communist medicine Download PDF
Chapter  47:  Contested medicines in twentieth-century China Download PDF
Chapter  48:  Public health in twentieth-century China Download PDF
Chapter  49:  Encounters with Linnaeus? Modernisation of pharmacopoeia through Bernard Read and Zhao Yuhuang up to the present  Download PDF
Chapter  50:  Yangsheng in the twenty-first century Download PDF
Chapter  51:  Liquorice and Chinese herbal medicine Download PDF
Chapter  52:  Decontextualised Chinese medicines Download PDF
Index Download PDF
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