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Plant Roots

The Hidden Half

Edited by: Amram Eshel , Tom Beeckman

Print publication date:  April  2013
Online publication date:  April  2013

Print ISBN: 9781439846483
eBook ISBN: 9781439846490
Adobe ISBN:

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Book description

The decade since the publication of the third edition of this volume has been an era of great progress in biology in general and the plant sciences in particular. This is especially true with the advancements brought on by the sequencing of whole genomes of model organisms and the development of "omics" techniques. This fourth edition of Plant Roots: The Hidden Half reflects these developments that have transformed not only the field of biology, but also the many facets of root science.

Highlights of this new edition include:

  • The basics of root research and their evolution and role in the global context of soil development and atmosphere composition
  • New understandings about roots gained in the post-genomic era, for example, how the development of roots became possible, and the genetic basis required for this to occur
  • The mechanisms that determine root structure, with chapters on cellular patterning, lateral root and vascular development, the molecular basis of adventitious roots, and other topics
  • Plant hormone action and signaling pathways that control root development, including new chapters on strigolactones and brassinosteroids
  • Soil resource acquisition from agricultural and ecological perspectives
  • Root response to stress, with chapters that address the impact of the genomic revolution on this topic
  • Root-rhizosphere interactions, from beneficial microorganisms to detrimental nematodes
  • Modern research techniques for the field and the lab

Each chapter not only presents a clear summation of the topic under discussion, but also includes a vision of what is to be expected in the years to come. The wide coverage of themes in this volume continues the tradition that makes this work recognized as a fundamental source of information for root scientists at all levels.

Table of contents

Chapter  1:  The Origin of Roots Download PDF
Chapter  2:  Arabidopsis Root: A Model Organ in Plant Genomics Download PDF
Chapter  3:  Cellular Patterning of the Root Meristem: Genes and Signals Download PDF
Chapter  4:  Cellular Patterning in the Root Epidermis Download PDF
Chapter  5:  Structure and Function of Three Suberized Cell Layers: Epidermis, Exodermis, and Endodermis* Download PDF
Chapter  6:  Lateral Root Development Download PDF
Chapter  7:  Vascular Development in Arabidopsis Roots Download PDF
Chapter  8:  Secondary Growth of Tree Roots: Cytoskeletal Perspectives Download PDF
Chapter  9:  Rice A Model Plant to Decipher the Hidden Origin of Adventitious Roots Download PDF
Chapter  10:  Genetic Analysis of Maize Root Development Download PDF
Chapter  11:  Molecular Mechanisms Involved in Adventitious Root Formation Download PDF
Chapter  12:  Auxin Signaling in Primary Roots Download PDF
Chapter  13:  Role of Gibberellins in Root Growth Download PDF
Chapter  14:  Molecular Basis of Cytokinin Action during Root Development Download PDF
Chapter  15:  Ethylene Regulates Root Growth and Development Download PDF
Chapter  16:  Abscisic Acid in Root Growth and Development Download PDF
Chapter  17:  Brassinosteroid Signaling in Root Development Download PDF
Chapter  18:  Role of Strigolactones in Root Development and Communication Download PDF
Chapter  19:  Root Gravitropism Download PDF
Chapter  20:  Calcium From Root Macronutrient to Mechanical Signal Download PDF
Chapter  21:  Root-Based Solutions to Increasing Crop Productivity Download PDF
Chapter  22:  Root Architecture and Resource Acquisition: Wheat as a Model Plant Download PDF
Chapter  23:  Root pH Regulation Download PDF
Chapter  24:  Root Water Uptake and Water Flow in the Soil–Root Domain Download PDF
Chapter  25:  Inorganic Nitrogen Acquisition and Signaling: Physiological and Molecular Aspects Download PDF
Chapter  26:  Nutrient Uptake and Root System Architecture Modeling: Past and Prospects for the Future Download PDF
Chapter  27:  Global Change and Root Lifespan Download PDF
Chapter  28:  Developmental Adaptations in Roots of Desert Plants with Special Emphasis on Cacti Download PDF
Chapter  29:  Root Systems of Woody Plants Download PDF
Chapter  30:  Roots as a Source of Food Download PDF
Chapter  31:  Temperature Effects on Root Growth Download PDF
Chapter  32:  Flooding Tolerance Mechanisms in Roots Download PDF
Chapter  33:  Plant Roots under Aluminum Stress: Toxicity and Tolerance Download PDF
Chapter  34:  Root Responses to Trace Metallic Elements Download PDF
Chapter  35:  Maintaining Root Growth in Drying Soil: A Review of Progress and Gaps in Understanding Download PDF
Chapter  36:  Effects of Salinity on Root Growth Download PDF
Chapter  37:  Soil Mechanical Resistance and Root Growth and Function Download PDF
Chapter  38:  Fungal Root Endophytes Download PDF
Chapter  39:  Molecular Physiology of Tree Ectomycorrhizal Interactions Download PDF
Chapter  40:  Mycorrhizae—Rhizosphere Determinants of Plant Communities: What Can We Learn from the Tropics? Download PDF
Chapter  41:  Response of Soybean Roots to Soybean Cyst Nematode at the Molecular Level Download PDF
Chapter  42:  Minirhizotron Techniques Download PDF
Chapter  43:  Noninvasive Tools for Measuring Metabolism and Biophysical Analyte Transport at the Root– Rhizosphere Interface: Self-Referencing Electrochemical and Optical Sensors Download PDF
prelims Download PDF
Colour_Plates Download PDF
Genes_and_Mutants_Index Download PDF
Terms_Index Download PDF
Organism_Index Download PDF
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