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Encyclopedia of Surface and Colloid Science, Third Edition

Edited by: P. Somasundaran , Namita Deo , Raymond Farinato , Vicki Grassian , Max Lu , Martin Malmsten , K.L. Mittal , Ramanathan Nagarajan , Patra Partha , Gleb Sukhorukov , Darsh Wasan

Print publication date:  August  2015
Online publication date:  August  2015

Print ISBN: 9781466590458
eBook ISBN: 9781351252386
Adobe ISBN:

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Book description

The Encyclopedia of Surface and Colloid Science< draws together the interface-related aspects of chemistry, materials sciences and engineering, biology, physics, computer sciences, and applied mathematics.

This new edition discusses important advancements made in the last decade or so, namely, the understanding of the fundamental theories in colloid and surface science, the development of new and improved methods, and the design of particles?nanoparticles.

P>With an emerging impetus on topics such as health care and renewable energy, this edition also addresses many fundamental aspects, as well as applications, related to drug design and delivery and the development of highly efficient catalysts including novel ways to generate renewable energy.

Researchers who are pioneers in their respective disciplines provide the current state of knowledge from their research findings, as well as other valuable information, in the introductory sections of each book. Encompassing ten volumes, this new edition continues to provide practitioners with all the information they need to devise or modify processes both for current and new products.

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Table of contents

Chapter  1:  Absorption of Ions into Droplets Download PDF
Chapter  2:  AC Electroosmosis Download PDF
Chapter  3:  Acid–Base Behavior of Clay Surfaces in Aqueous Media Download PDF
Chapter  4:  Acid–Base Behavior of Polymer Surfaces Download PDF
Chapter  5:  Acid–Base Behavior of (Polymer) Surfaces: Theory Download PDF
Chapter  6:  Activated Carbon for Natural Microcontaminant Removal Download PDF
Chapter  7:  Adhesion Properties of Polymers Download PDF
Chapter  8:  Adsorption at Silica, Alumina, and Related Surfaces Download PDF
Chapter  9:  Adsorption Equilibria: Multicomponent Adsorption Modeling Download PDF
Chapter  10:  Adsorption Isotherms Download PDF
Chapter  11:  Adsorption Kinetics Download PDF
Chapter  12:  Adsorption Mechanisms of Ions in Colloidal Systems Download PDF
Chapter  13:  Adsorption of Amino Acids on Solids Download PDF
Chapter  14:  Adsorption of Fluids Download PDF
Chapter  15:  Adsorption of Particles: Theory Download PDF
Chapter  16:  Adsorption of Polyelectrolytes on Mica Download PDF
Chapter  17:  Adsorption of Polymers at Colloid Surfaces Download PDF
Chapter  18:  Adsorption of Polysaccharides on Minerals Download PDF
Chapter  19:  Adsorption of Proteins on Polymer Particles: Some Applications Download PDF
Chapter  20:  Adsorption of Proteins: Methods of Orientation Download PDF
Chapter  21:  Adsorption–Desorption Kinetics Download PDF
Chapter  22:  Aerosol Particles: Coagulation Download PDF
Chapter  23:  Aerosols, Atmospheric: Natural and Anthropogenic Particles Download PDF
Chapter  24:  Agriculture: Surfactant Self-Assembly and Self-Organization Download PDF
Chapter  25:  Air–Water Interfaces: Mixed Amphiphile Monolayers Download PDF
Chapter  26:  Amino Acid-Based Surfactants Download PDF
Chapter  27:  Ammonium Salt: Cationic Quaternary Surfactants with Alcohols as Cosurfactants Download PDF
Chapter  28:  Amorphous Silica: Surface Physico-Chemistry Download PDF
Chapter  29:  Anionic Clays: Catalytic Activity of Layered Double Hydroxides or Hydrotalcite-Type Download PDF
Chapter  30:  Anionic Surfactants: Biodegradable and Chemically Degradable Download PDF
Chapter  31:  Aqueous Electrolytes: Surface Tension and Thermodynamic Properties Download PDF
Chapter  32:  Atomic Force Microscopy: Cantilever Calibration Download PDF
Chapter  33:  Bacteria and Mineral Interactions Download PDF
Chapter  34:  Bacteria: Surface Behavior Download PDF
Chapter  35:  Bacterial Adhesion to Biomaterial Surfaces Download PDF
Chapter  36:  Bacterial Suspensions: Light Scattering and Electric Light Scattering Download PDF
Chapter  37:  Biodegradable and Chemically Degradable Non-Ionic Surfactants Download PDF
Chapter  38:  Bioelectrochemistry at Surface Modified Carbon Electrodes Download PDF
Chapter  39:  Biofunctional Surfaces: Biomolecules and Solid Substrate Interaction Download PDF
Chapter  40:  Biological Cells: Dielectrophoresis Download PDF
Chapter  41:  Biological Tissues: Interfacial and Dielectric Properties Download PDF
Chapter  42:  Biomedical Applications: Polysaccharides Download PDF
Chapter  43:  Biomembranes: Permeability Download PDF
Chapter  44:  Biosensor Surface Phenomena Download PDF
Chapter  45:  Biosorption  Download PDF
Chapter  46:  Bitumen Recovery of Oil from Oil Sand Download PDF
Chapter  47:  Block Copolymer Micelles Download PDF
Chapter  48:  Bubble and Drop Pressure Tensiometry Download PDF
Chapter  49:  Bubble Size in Superheated Fluid and Modeling Problems Download PDF
Chapter  50:  Bubbles and Microbubble Nuclei: Surface Tension Download PDF
Chapter  51:  Bubbles Formation in Water Download PDF
Chapter  52:  Bubbles: Electrokinetics Download PDF
Chapter  53:  Bubbles: Homogeneous Nucleation Download PDF
Chapter  54:  Bubbles: Interaction with Solid Surfaces Download PDF
Chapter  55:  Calcite: Surface Charge Download PDF
Chapter  56:  Calcium Hydroxyapatite, Synthetic and Modified: Surface Structure and Properties Download PDF
Chapter  57:  Carbon Adsorption Download PDF
Chapter  58:  Carbon Particles Download PDF
Chapter  59:  Carbon: Surface Reactivity Download PDF
Chapter  60:  Carbon-Silica Adsorbents Download PDF
Chapter  61:  Catalysis by Porous Solids: New Trends Download PDF
Chapter  62:  Cationic and Anionic Surfactant Interaction Download PDF
Chapter  63:  Cell Growth on Polymer Surfaces Download PDF
Chapter  64:  Cell Suspension and Structures: Electrooptical Analysis Download PDF
Chapter  65:  Cellulose Model Surface Interactions Download PDF
Chapter  66:  Cement Hydrates and Smectite Clays: Colloidal Chemo-Mechanics, Cohesion versus Swelling Download PDF
Chapter  67:  Chain Statistics in Polymer Solution: Statistical and Thermal Physics from Scaling Concepts for Geometry Download PDF
Chapter  68:  Chain Statistics in Polymer Solutions: Intrinsic Viscosity and Structure Factor Download PDF
Chapter  69:  Charged Colloidal Particles: Electrostatic Interaction at the Poisson–Boltzmann Level Download PDF
Chapter  70:  Chemical Equilibrium in Three-Phase Colloid Systems Download PDF
Chapter  71:  Chemically Modified Silica, Alumina, and Related Surfaces Download PDF
Chapter  72:  Chirality in Monolayers Download PDF
Chapter  73:  Chromatography by Surface Area Exclusion Download PDF
Chapter  74:  Chromatography of Biomolecules and Biopolymers: An FTIR study Download PDF
Chapter  75:  Clathrate Hydrate–Water Interface: Adsorption of Surfactants and Polymers Download PDF
Chapter  76:  Clay and Related Minerals: Infrared Emission Spectroscopy Download PDF
Chapter  77:  Clay Mineral Surfaces: Electrokinetics Download PDF
Chapter  78:  Clay Surfaces: Adsorbate Structure of Surfactants at Clay–Water Interfaces Download PDF
Chapter  79:  Clay Surfaces: Adsorption of Dyes Download PDF
Chapter  80:  Clay Surfaces: Adsorption of Polyethoxyethylenic Surfactants Download PDF
Chapter  81:  Clay Surfaces: Chemical Modification Download PDF
Chapter  82:  Clay Surfaces: Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy of Molecules and Ions Download PDF
Chapter  83:  Clay Surfaces: Thermodynamics Download PDF
Chapter  84:  Clay Surfaces: Water Adsorption Download PDF
Chapter  85:  Clay: Modeling of Heavy Metal Adsorption Download PDF
Chapter  86:  Clay: Polyelectrolyte Interactions Download PDF
Chapter  87:  Clays: Fine Clay Flocculation Download PDF
Chapter  88:  Clays: Heavy Metal Adsorption Download PDF
Chapter  89:  Cleavable Surfactants Download PDF
Chapter  90:  Coagulation of Protein-Stabilized Dispersions Download PDF
Chapter  91:  Colloid Interaction Forces and Atomic Force Microscopy Download PDF
Chapter  92:  Colloidal Aggregation Processes Download PDF
Chapter  93:  Colloidal Metal Surfaces: Surface Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy on Metal Hydrosols Download PDF
Chapter  94:  Colloidal Systems: Confinement-Induced Structural Forces Download PDF
Chapter  95:  Colloids: Electrokinetic Sorting Download PDF
Chapter  96:  Colloids: Optical Properties and Applications Download PDF
Chapter  97:  Composite Fine Particles Download PDF
Chapter  98:  Composite Materials: Active Filler Interaction with Penetrated Media Download PDF
Chapter  99:  Composite Membranes: Polyamide Layer Surface Characterization Download PDF
Chapter  100:  Compound Semiconductor Formation by Electrochemical Atomic Layer Epitaxy Download PDF
Chapter  101:  Concentrated Dispersions: Ultrasound-Based Characterization Download PDF
Chapter  102:  Conformation of Adsorbed Proteins Download PDF
Chapter  103:  Contact Angle Boundaries: Moving Contact Line Problem Download PDF
Chapter  104:  Contact Angle Determination from Heat of Immersion and Heat of Wetting Download PDF
Chapter  105:  Contact Angle Measurement Techniques for Determination of Wettability Download PDF
Chapter  106:  Contact Angle Measurements on Oxide and Related Surfaces Download PDF
Chapter  107:  Controlled Release of Biologically Relevant Molecules by Polyelectrolyte Multilayers Download PDF
Chapter  108:  Crop Protection and Polymer Interfaces Download PDF
Chapter  109:  Crude Oil Asphaltenes: Colloidal Aspects Download PDF
Chapter  110:  Crystal Dissolution: Pitting Modeling and Analysis Download PDF
Chapter  111:  Crystal Growth: Kinetics and Mechanisms Download PDF
Chapter  112:  Crystalline Colloids Download PDF
Chapter  113:  Cultural Heritage Conservation: Paper and Wood Nanoparticles Download PDF
Chapter  114:  Cyclocarbonate-Based Polymers, Non-Isocyanate Polyurethane Adhesives and Coatings Download PDF
Chapter  115:  Cyclodextrins: Interfacial Behavior Download PDF
Chapter  116:  Dental Applications of Surface and Colloid Science Download PDF
Chapter  117:  Deposition of Liquid Drops onto Solid Surfaces Download PDF
Chapter  118:  Detergency for Engineering Applications of Surfactant Solutions Download PDF
Chapter  119:  Detoxification: Colloidal Systems Download PDF
Chapter  120:  Dielectric Behavior of Clay Surfaces Download PDF
Chapter  121:  Dielectric Properties of Suspensions of Solid Particles Download PDF
Chapter  122:  Dielectrophoretic Particle Assembly Download PDF
Chapter  123:  Diffuse Reflectance Spectroscopy of Iron Oxides Download PDF
Chapter  124:  Diffusion-Limited Adsorption Kinetics of Polymer Layers Adsorbed at the Solid–Liquid Interface Download PDF
Chapter  125:  Dilute Micellar Solutions: Rheological Behavior Download PDF
Chapter  126:  Disordered Microporous Materials: Adsorption Theory Download PDF
Chapter  127:  Dispersed Air Flotation: Theory Download PDF
Chapter  128:  Dissolution Kinetics of Ores Download PDF
Chapter  129:  DNA Surfactants: Applications Download PDF
Chapter  130:  DNA Surfactants: Interactions Download PDF
Chapter  131:  Dolomite and Calcite: Surface Speciation in Aqueous Solutions Download PDF
Chapter  132:  Double Emulsions Download PDF
Chapter  133:  Drug Delivery Systems: Biodegradable Polymers Download PDF
Chapter  134:  Drug Delivery, Intravenous: Protein Adsorption Download PDF
Chapter  135:  Drug Delivery: Hydrogel Nanoparticles Download PDF
Chapter  136:  Drug Delivery: Interfacial Aspects Download PDF
Chapter  137:  Drug Delivery: Polyelectrolyte Multilayers Download PDF
Chapter  138:  Drugs Adsorption Download PDF
Chapter  139:  Drugs, Ionic: Passive Transport through Synthetic Fixed Charge Membranes Download PDF
Chapter  140:  Drugs: Complexation with Proteins Download PDF
Chapter  141:  Edible Emulsions Download PDF
Chapter  142:  Electric Charge Density of Silica, Alumina, and Related Surfaces Download PDF
Chapter  143:  Electrical Double-Layer at a Colloid Particle Download PDF
Chapter  144:  Electrical Double-Layer at Particles Download PDF
Chapter  145:  Chemical Aspects of Biocompatible Interfaces Download PDF
Chapter  146:  Electrical Fluctuations in Small Systems Download PDF
Chapter  147:  Electroacoustics Download PDF
Chapter  148:  Electrical Double-Layer Interaction between Spherical Particles Download PDF
Chapter  149:  Electrocatalysis of Inorganic Reactions: Pure Platinum Surfaces Download PDF
Chapter  150:  Electrochemical Impedance of Partially and Totally Blocked Electrodes Download PDF
Chapter  151:  Electrode and Dispersed Oxide Surface Adsorption: Radiotracer Studies Download PDF
Chapter  152:  Electrode Surfaces, Mercury: Adsorption Polarographic Studies Download PDF
Chapter  153:  Electrode Surfaces, Palladium: Molecular Adsorption Download PDF
Chapter  154:  Electrode Surfaces, Platinum Nanoparticle: Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy Download PDF
Chapter  155:  Electrode Surfaces: Cyclic Voltammetry Download PDF
Chapter  156:  Electrode Surfaces: Electrode Polarization Theory Download PDF
Chapter  157:  Electrode Surfaces: Ionically-Assembled Multilayer Systems Download PDF
Chapter  158:  Electrode Surfaces: Scanning Tunneling Microscopy Download PDF
Chapter  159:  Electrodynamics and Dielectric-Impedance Spectroscopy of Membranes and Polymers Download PDF
Chapter  160:  Electrokinetic Phenomena of the Second Kind Download PDF
Chapter  161:  Electrokinetics of Mineral Particles Download PDF
Chapter  162:  Electrokinetics of Particles Download PDF
Chapter  163:  Electrokinetics of Suspended Solid Colloid Particles Download PDF
Chapter  164:  Electromagnetic Radiation and Its Effects on Colloid and Interfacial Behavior Download PDF
Chapter  165:  Electron Microscopy: Particles Download PDF
Chapter  166:  Electron Microscopy: Surface Diffraction Download PDF
Chapter  167:  Electron Paramagnetic Resonance of Polymers at Surfaces Download PDF
Chapter  168:  Electron Spin Resonance Spectroscopy of Colloidal Metal Surfaces and Conduction Electrons Download PDF
Chapter  169:  Electron Transfer Processes of Dyes at Semiconductor Surfaces Download PDF
Chapter  170:  Electronic Spectroscopy of Rhodamine Dyes Adsorbed at Clay Surfaces Download PDF
Chapter  171:  Electrooptic Behavior of Colloids Download PDF
Chapter  172:  Electroosmosis in Porous Solids Download PDF
Chapter  173:  Electroosmosis through Porous Media Download PDF
Chapter  174:  Electrophoretic Fingerprinting Approach: Surfactant Adsorption on Colloids Download PDF
Chapter  175:  Electropolymerization at Metal Surfaces Download PDF
Chapter  176:  Electrostatic Interaction between Parallel Plates Download PDF
Chapter  177:  Emanation Thermal Analysis: Gels, Solid Surfaces, and Thin Layers Download PDF
Chapter  178:  Emulsion Flocculation Mechanisms Download PDF
Chapter  179:  Emulsion Formulation Engineering Download PDF
Chapter  180:  Emulsion Systems: Interfacial Film Formation and Adsorption Download PDF
Chapter  181:  Emulsion Systems: Phase Behavior Download PDF
Chapter  182:  Enthalpy of Charging Processes at Metal Oxide–Liquid Interfaces Download PDF
Chapter  183:  Enzyme Behavior in Non-Conventional Systems Download PDF
Chapter  184:  Enzyme Monolayers Download PDF
Chapter  185:  Epoxy Composites: Electrodeposited Carbon Fiber Reinforced Download PDF
Chapter  186:  Ethoxylated Surfactants in Aqueous Solutions: Physico-Chemical Properties Download PDF
Chapter  187:  Evaporation Kinetics and Thermophoresis of Particles Download PDF
Chapter  188:  Exosomes and Microvesicles: Extracellular Frontiers of Intercellular Communication Download PDF
Chapter  189:  Fabric Surfaces: Interfacial Chemistry Download PDF
Chapter  190:  Fatty Acids at Liquid–Liquid Interfaces Download PDF
Chapter  191:  Ferrofluids: Computer Simulations of Internal Structure and Rheological Properties Download PDF
Chapter  192:  Field Effect Control of Ion, Fluid, and Particle Transport in Micro/Nanofluidics Download PDF
Chapter  193:  Field Ion Microscopy of Surface Processes Download PDF
Chapter  194:  Fine/Ultrafine Mineral Particles Separation: Hydrophobic Agglomeration Download PDF
Chapter  195:  Flocculation of Mineral Particles Download PDF
Chapter  196:  Flocculation of Particles Download PDF
Chapter  197:  Flocculation Systems: Micro- or Nanoparticle—Polymer Download PDF
Chapter  198:  Flocs: Fractal Structure Computer Simulation Download PDF
Chapter  199:  Fluid–Fluid Interfaces: Transport through Monolayers and Bilayers Download PDF
Chapter  200:  Fluorescence Correlation Spectroscopy of Particles Download PDF
Chapter  201:  Foaming Behavior of Liquids: Surface Forces’ Role Download PDF
Chapter  202:  Foams and Emulsions: Coalescence Download PDF
Chapter  203:  Foams: Conductivity Download PDF
Chapter  204:  Fractal Aggregates and Polymer Coils: Dynamic Properties Download PDF
Chapter  205:  Fractionation of Soluble Molecular Species by Foaming Download PDF
Chapter  206:  Gas Adsorption at Porous and Dispersed Surfaces: Modeling Download PDF
Chapter  207:  Gas Solubilities in Capillary Water Confined in Finely Dispersed Systems Download PDF
Chapter  208:  Gas–Liquid Interfaces: Adsorption Download PDF
Chapter  209:  Gels Download PDF
Chapter  210:  Gemini Surfactants Download PDF
Chapter  211:  Glass Surfaces: Electrokinetic and Wetting Properties Download PDF
Chapter  212:  Gold Nanoclusters on Electrode Surfaces Download PDF
Chapter  213:  Growth of Bulk Single Crystals Download PDF
Chapter  214:  Heavy Metal Ions: Bile Salt Aggregate Reactions Download PDF
Chapter  215:  Heavy Metals in Natural Environments: Physico-Chemical Modeling Download PDF
Chapter  216:  Heterogeneous Catalysis: In Situ Analysis of Reactions at the Site Level Download PDF
Chapter  217:  High-Resolution Electron Energy Loss Spectroscopy (HREELS) Download PDF
Chapter  218:  Homomolecular Exchange on Solid Surfaces: Protein Structural Changes Download PDF
Chapter  219:  Hydrodynamic Behavior and Stability of Approaching Deformable Drops Download PDF
Chapter  220:  Hydrodynamic Behavior of Suspensions of Polar Particles Download PDF
Chapter  221:  Hydrogenated versus Fluorinated Surfactants Download PDF
Chapter  222:  Hydrogen-Bonding Interaction: Influence on Interfacial Properties Download PDF
Chapter  223:  Hydrophobic Monolayer Surfaces: Synthesis and Wettability Download PDF
Chapter  224:  Hysteresis in Contact Angle Measurements Download PDF
Chapter  225:  Ice–Aqueous Electrolyte Interface: Electrical Charge Download PDF
Chapter  226:  Immersion of Solids Download PDF
Chapter  227:  Immunoglobulins: Adsorption at Solid–Liquid Interfaces Download PDF
Chapter  228:  Immunotherapy: Colloidal Nanoparticles Download PDF
Chapter  229:  Infrared Spectroscopy of Silica, Alumina, and Related Surfaces Download PDF
Chapter  230:  Inorganic Membranes: Electrical Behavior Download PDF
Chapter  231:  Inorganic Membranes: Synthesis Download PDF
Chapter  232:  Inorganic Porous Materials: Synthesis and Surface Modification Download PDF
Chapter  233:  Inorganic Substitution Reactions in Aqueous Surfactant Solutions Download PDF
Chapter  234:  Interfacial Dipole Moments of Colloid Particles Download PDF
Chapter  235:  Interfacial Forces: Classification Download PDF
Chapter  236:  Interfacial Properties of Mucins Download PDF
Chapter  237:  Interfacial Protein Films: Orogenic Displacement by Surfactants Download PDF
Chapter  238:  Interfacial Tension Measurement in Fluid–Fluid Systems Download PDF
Chapter  239:  Inverse Gas Chromatography of Alumina and Related Surfaces Download PDF
Chapter  240:  Inverse Gas Chromatography of Fibers and Polymers Download PDF
Chapter  241:  Inverse Gas Chromatography to Determine the Structural and Chemical Features of Activated Carbon Surfaces Download PDF
Chapter  242:  Ionic Surfactant Interactions with Polyelectrolytes, Poly-l-Amino Acids, and Dextran Sulfates Download PDF
Chapter  243:  Ion–Membrane Interactions Download PDF
Chapter  244:  Iron Oxide Particles Download PDF
Chapter  245:  Iron Oxide–Hydroxide Surfaces: Polyvalent Metal Ion Solid–Water Interface Reactions Download PDF
Chapter  246:  Isoelectric Point of Metals in Aqueous Media Download PDF
Chapter  247:  Kelvin Force Microscopy and Electric Force Microscopy Download PDF
Chapter  248:  Keratin Fiber Surfaces: Techniques and Environmental Changes Download PDF
Chapter  249:  Kinetic Behavior of Vesicles Download PDF
Chapter  250:  Kinetic Studies in Zwitterionic Micellar Solutions Download PDF
Chapter  251:  Kinetics and Mechanism of Chemical Reactions at Silica Surfaces Download PDF
Chapter  252:  Kinetics and Mechanism of Mixed Micellar Catalysis Download PDF
Chapter  253:  Kinetics of Adsorption at Oxide Surfaces Download PDF
Chapter  254:  Kinetics of Ionic Adsorption–Desorption at Solid–Liquid Interfaces Download PDF
Chapter  255:  Langmuir and Langmuir–Blodgett Films of Proteins and Enzymes Download PDF
Chapter  256:  Langmuir-Blodgett Film Formation and Characterization Download PDF
Chapter  257:  Latex Dispersions and Emulsions Download PDF
Chapter  258:  Latex Dispersions, Emulsions, and Microgel Particles: Electrokinetic Behavior Download PDF
Chapter  259:  Latex Films Download PDF
Chapter  260:  Lattice Models of Electrochemical Interfaces: Statistical Mechanics Download PDF
Chapter  261:  Layer-by-Layer Assembly of Biomacromolecules Download PDF
Chapter  262:  Lecithin Download PDF
Chapter  263:  Light Scattering by Proteins Download PDF
Chapter  264:  Light Scattering from Particles Download PDF
Chapter  265:  Lipases at Interfaces Download PDF
Chapter  266:  Lipid Bilayers and Monolayers: Micropipette Manipulation Techniques Download PDF
Chapter  267:  Lipid Bilayers: Polyhydroxylated Compounds and Osmotic Stress Effects Download PDF
Chapter  268:  Lipid Emulsions: Formation, Stability, and Metabolism Download PDF
Chapter  269:  Lipid Membranes: Mean-Field Continuum Electrostatics Download PDF
Chapter  270:  Liposome-Associated Solutes: Delivery Download PDF
Chapter  271:  Liposomes: Electrophoresis Download PDF
Chapter  272:  Liquid Films: Monte Carlo Calculations Download PDF
Chapter  273:  Liquid Interfaces: Adsorption Isotherms Download PDF
Chapter  274:  Liquid Interfaces: Dielectric Constants and Electrical Properties of Monolayers Download PDF
Chapter  275:  Liquid Interfaces: Spontaneous Non-Linear Oscillations by Surfactant Transfer Download PDF
Chapter  276:  Liquid–Liquid Interfacial Films Download PDF
Chapter  277:  Liquid–Solid Interface: Protein Stability on Conformational Changes Download PDF
Chapter  278:  Magnetic Control of Structures and Functions of Molecular Assemblies Download PDF
Chapter  279:  Magnetic Interactions in Adsorption at Solid Surfaces Download PDF
Chapter  280:  Magnetic Nanoparticles: Preparation and Properties Download PDF
Chapter  281:  Manganese Nodules: Surface Chemistry Download PDF
Chapter  282:  Mass Transport Phenomena in Emulsions Containing Surfactants Download PDF
Chapter  283:  Mechanistic Models for Adsorption Reactions at Iron (Hydr)Oxide Surfaces Download PDF
Chapter  284:  Membrane Emulsification Download PDF
Chapter  285:  Membrane-Based Chemical Sensors and Biosensors Download PDF
Chapter  286:  Membranes for Hemodialysis Download PDF
Chapter  287:  Membranes, Ion-Exchange: Ion Reverse Permeation Download PDF
Chapter  288:  Membranes: Atomic Force Microscopy Download PDF
Chapter  289:  Membranes: Commercial Applications Download PDF
Chapter  290:  Membranes: Osmotic Properties Download PDF
Chapter  291:  Membranes: Ultrafiltration and Nanofiltration Download PDF
Chapter  292:  Mercury–Solution Interface: Electroinactive Organic Molecule Adsorption Download PDF
Chapter  293:  Metal Electrodes: CO Reduction Interfacial Processes Download PDF
Chapter  294:  Metal Ion Adsorption on Silica, Alumina, and Related Surfaces Download PDF
Chapter  295:  Metal Ion Complexation in Surfactant Solutions Download PDF
Chapter  296:  Metal Sorption on Oxide, Silicate, and Phosphate Solids: Thermodynamical and Structural Point of View Download PDF
Chapter  297:  Metal Surfaces: Adsorption of Molecules Download PDF
Chapter  298:  Metallic Colloids Download PDF
Chapter  299:  Metallic Colloids: Catalysis Download PDF
Chapter  300:  Metallic Surfaces: Adsorption of Particles Download PDF
Chapter  301:  Mica: Adsorption of Dyes Download PDF
Chapter  302:  Micellar and Reverse Micellar Systems: Positron Annihilation Studies Download PDF
Chapter  303:  Micellar Drugs Download PDF
Chapter  304:  Micellar Films: Thinning and Structure Download PDF
Chapter  305:  Micellar Solutions, Worm-Like: Phase and Rheological Behaviors Download PDF
Chapter  306:  Micellar Structure: Neutron Scattering Studies Download PDF
Chapter  307:  Micellar Systems: Catalysis Mechanisms Download PDF
Chapter  308:  Micellar Systems: Dynamics Download PDF
Chapter  309:  Micellar Systems: Interactions with Volatile Anesthetics Download PDF
Chapter  310:  Micellar Systems: Mass Transport Download PDF
Chapter  311:  Micellar Systems: Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy Download PDF
Chapter  312:  Micellar Systems: Size and Shape Analysis Download PDF
Chapter  313:  Micellar Systems: Surface Tension Measurements Download PDF
Chapter  314:  Micellar Systems: Thermodynamic Analysis Download PDF
Chapter  315:  Micellar Systems: Ultrafiltration Download PDF
Chapter  316:  Micellar Systems: Ultrasonic Studies Download PDF
Chapter  317:  Micellar Thin Films Download PDF
Chapter  318:  Micelles and Bicelles as Membrane Mimics for Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Studies of Peptides and Proteins Download PDF
Chapter  319:  Micelles: Chemical Kinetics Download PDF
Chapter  320:  Micelles: Fluorescence Studies Download PDF
Chapter  321:  Micellization in Aqueous Solutions: Novel Surfactant Classes Download PDF
Chapter  322:  Microanalysis of Mass Transfer Processes on a Single Particle Download PDF
Chapter  323:  Microbubbles: Stability and Dynamics Download PDF
Chapter  324:  Microemulsion Behavior under High Pressure Download PDF
Chapter  325:  Microemulsions: Dielectric Spectroscopy Download PDF
Chapter  326:  Microemulsions: Droplet Clustering, Conduction Percolation and Thermodynamics Download PDF
Chapter  327:  Microemulsions: Electrochemical Reactions Download PDF
Chapter  328:  Microemulsions: High-Pressure Compartmentalization of Reactants Download PDF
Chapter  329:  Microencapsulation Download PDF
Chapter  330:  Microporous Materials: Internal Structure Modeling Download PDF
Chapter  331:  Mineral Flotation Download PDF
Chapter  332:  Mineral Oxides: Dissolution Download PDF
Chapter  333:  Mineral Surfaces: Air Bubble Adhesion in the Presence of Liquids Download PDF
Chapter  334:  Mineral Surfaces: Infrared Reflection Spectroscopy of Adsorbed Molecules Download PDF
Chapter  335:  Mixed Micellar Systems Download PDF
Chapter  336:  Mixtures of Polymers and Surfactants Download PDF
Chapter  337:  Modeling the Free Solution Electrophoresis of Ions and Macroions Download PDF
Chapter  338:  Molecular Adsorption at Electrode Surfaces: Fundamentals Download PDF
Chapter  339:  Molecular Interactions between Local Anesthetics and Model Biomembranes Download PDF
Chapter  340:  Monodispersed Particles: Nucleation and Growth Download PDF
Chapter  341:  Monolayer Coverage and Adsorbate Molecular Area Download PDF
Chapter  342:  Monolayer Morphology at Air–Water Interfaces Download PDF
Chapter  343:  Monolayers: Molecular Motion and Dielectric Behavior Download PDF
Chapter  344:  Monolayers: Molecular Organization Surface Spectroscopy and Sensing Download PDF
Chapter  345:  Monolayers: Viscoelasticity Download PDF
Chapter  346:  Monomer Emulsions: Polymerization Download PDF
Chapter  347:  Monte Carlo Simulation of Adsorption Download PDF
Chapter  348:  Multicomponent Copolymer Brushes: Architecture Download PDF
Chapter  349:  Nanobubbles Download PDF
Chapter  350:  Nanocrystal Powders Download PDF
Chapter  351:  Nanoparticles: Magnetic Resonance Imaging Contrast Agents Download PDF
Chapter  352:  Nanoparticles: Size Dependency and Electrochemical Properties Download PDF
Chapter  353:  Nanostructured Materials: Surfactant Mesophases Shear Alignment and Templated Synthesis Download PDF
Chapter  354:  New Solid Phases: Chromatography Download PDF
Chapter  355:  Non-Equilibrium (Dynamic) Electrical Double Layer Download PDF
Chapter  356:  Nuclear Magnetic Resonance: Emulsions Download PDF
Chapter  357:  Nucleation and Crystal Growth in Zeolite Systems Download PDF
Chapter  358:  Oil Field Exploration: Worm Micelle Applications Download PDF
Chapter  359:  Oil Sands Processing: Colloidal Chemistry Role Download PDF
Chapter  360:  Oil–Water Emulsions Download PDF
Chapter  361:  Ore Flotation Download PDF
Chapter  362:  Organic Adsorption on Carbon Surfaces Download PDF
Chapter  363:  Organic Molecular Beam Epitaxy: Ordered Organic Thin Films and Organic—Organic Heterojunctions Download PDF
Chapter  364:  Organic Pollutants: Adsolubilization Download PDF
Chapter  365:  Organometallic Polymers and Block Copolymers Download PDF
Chapter  366:  Oxide and Related Surfaces: Acid–Base Behavior Download PDF
Chapter  367:  Oxide Materials for Water Treatment Download PDF
Chapter  368:  Oxide Surfaces: Redox Processes and Adsorption Effects Download PDF
Chapter  369:  Oxides and Related Surfaces: Coprecipitation Download PDF
Chapter  370:  Oxides and Related Surfaces: Diffusion Download PDF
Chapter  371:  Oxides and Related Surfaces: Metal Complex Adsorption Download PDF
Chapter  372:  Oxide–Solution Interface: Structure Download PDF
Chapter  373:  Oxide–Solution Interfaces: Electrical Double Layer Download PDF
Chapter  374:  Oxide–Solution Interfaces: Ion Complexation Download PDF
Chapter  375:  Oxide–Solution Interfaces: Surface Structure and Ion Complexation Download PDF
Chapter  376:  Papermaking: Surface and Colloid Chemistry of Papermaking Processes Download PDF
Chapter  377:  Papermaking: Surface and Colloid Chemistry of Pulping Processes Download PDF
Chapter  378:  Particle Adhesion to Surfaces in Aqueous and Non-Aqueous Media Download PDF
Chapter  379:  Particle Dispersion: Synthesis Download PDF
Chapter  380:  Particle Nucleation and Growth Download PDF
Chapter  381:  Particle-Laden Emulsions Download PDF
Chapter  382:  Particles: Electrokinetic Behavior Theory Download PDF
Chapter  383:  Perlite Surfaces Download PDF
Chapter  384:  Phase Inversion: A Superior Way to Make Emulsions Download PDF
Chapter  385:  Phase Transitions Aqueous Systems Download PDF
Chapter  386:  Phase Transitions in Insoluble Monolayers Download PDF
Chapter  387:  Phases, Phase Transitions, and Nucleation Theory Download PDF
Chapter  388:  Phospholipid Layers, Solid Supported Download PDF
Chapter  389:  Photocatalytic Environmental Remediation Involving Clay Surfaces Download PDF
Chapter  390:  Photocatalytic Oxidation Processes at Titanium Dioxide Surfaces: Enhancing Effect of Oxide Monolayers Download PDF
Chapter  391:  Photochemistry of Colloidal Particles Download PDF
Chapter  392:  Photoelectron Emission Microscopy of Surfaces Download PDF
Chapter  393:  Photofunctional Nano Semiconductors: Molecular Adsorption Download PDF
Chapter  394:  Photon Spectroscopy of Colloids Download PDF
Chapter  395:  Physical Aggregation and Association Phenomena in Biochemical Systems: Effects of Crowding Physical Aggregation Download PDF
Chapter  396:  Physical Methods and Experimental Techniques for the Determination of Stability Constants Download PDF
Chapter  397:  Physical–Chemical Mechanics of Solid Surfaces Download PDF
Chapter  398:  Physisorption at Surfaces: Two-Dimensional Models Download PDF
Chapter  399:  Plasma Perfusion: Immunosorbent Applications Download PDF
Chapter  400:  Polyelectrolyte Interactions with Inorganic Particles Download PDF
Chapter  401:  Polyion–Protein Nanocomposite Films Download PDF
Chapter  402:  Polymer Adsorption at Solid Surfaces: Theory Download PDF
Chapter  403:  Polymer Blends: Surface Segregation Download PDF
Chapter  404:  Polymer Brushes: Biotechnology Applications Download PDF
Chapter  405:  Polymer Composites Download PDF
Chapter  406:  Polymer Dispersions: Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Studies Download PDF
Chapter  407:  Polymer Layers, Adsorbed: Small-Angle Neutron Scattering Studies Download PDF
Chapter  408:  Polymer Matrices: Highly Fluorescent Nanocrystals Download PDF
Chapter  409:  Polymer Membranes Download PDF
Chapter  410:  Polymer Nanoparticles Download PDF
Chapter  411:  Polymer Particle Thin Films: Transmission Spectroscopy, Ultraviolet-Visible Download PDF
Chapter  412:  Polymer Particles and Polyelectrolytes: Surface Electrical Properties Download PDF
Chapter  413:  Polymer Particles: Electrophoresis Download PDF
Chapter  414:  Polymer Surfaces: Grafting Download PDF
Chapter  415:  Polymer Surfaces: Particles at Download PDF
Chapter  416:  Polymer Surfaces: Zeta-Potential Download PDF
Chapter  417:  Polymer Systems Download PDF
Chapter  418:  Polymeric Coating Interfaces Download PDF
Chapter  419:  Polymeric Core–Shell Particles: Controlled Release and Physicochemical Properties Download PDF
Chapter  420:  Polymeric Flocculants Download PDF
Chapter  421:  Polymerization Methods: Surfactant-Assisted Download PDF
Chapter  422:  Polymer–Nanoparticle Complexes: Interfacial Behavior Applications Download PDF
Chapter  423:  Polymers in Lyotropic Liquid Crystalline Systems Download PDF
Chapter  424:  Polymers, Multibranched in Solution: Stars, Dendrimers, and Hyperbranched Polymers Download PDF
Chapter  425:  Polymers: Surface Forces Download PDF
Chapter  426:  Polypeptides: Interface Behavior Download PDF
Chapter  427:  Polysaccharide Applications in Mineral Processing Download PDF
Chapter  428:  Pores, Narrow: Constant Surface Charge Electrokinetic Phenomena Download PDF
Chapter  429:  Porous Glass Download PDF
Chapter  430:  Porous Media: Combined Dynamic and Equilibrium Characterization Download PDF
Chapter  431:  Porous Membranes: Adsorption, Blocking, and Electrokinetic Phenomena Download PDF
Chapter  432:  Porous Solid Surfaces: Adsorption of Gases Download PDF
Chapter  433:  Printing: Interfacial Aspects Download PDF
Chapter  434:  Protein Adsorption in Langmuir Films: Example of Glucose Oxidase Download PDF
Chapter  435:  Protein Adsorption: Measurement Download PDF
Chapter  436:  Protein Conformation in Reverse Micelle Environment Download PDF
Chapter  437:  Protein Films Download PDF
Chapter  438:  Protein Films Adsorbed on Solids: Atomic Force Microscopy and X-Ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy Download PDF
Chapter  439:  Protein Interactions with Ionic Surfactants: Binding and Induced Conformational Changes Download PDF
Chapter  440:  Protein Interactions with Ionic Surfactants: Kinetics and Dynamics Conformational Changes Download PDF
Chapter  441:  Protein Structures: Sodium Dodecyl Sulfate Protective Effect Download PDF
Chapter  442:  Proteins at Interfaces: Adsorption Download PDF
Chapter  443:  Proteins at Interfaces: Optical Spectroscopy Download PDF
Chapter  444:  Proteins in Water–Cosolvent Binary Systems: Function and Structure Download PDF
Chapter  445:  Proteins: Adsorption Kinetics Download PDF
Chapter  446:  Proteins: Association, Adsorption, and Aggregation Download PDF
Chapter  447:  Protein–Surfactant Interactions Download PDF
Chapter  448:  Pyrogenic Silica and Alumina Download PDF
Chapter  449:  Quasiton Theory of the Interface Download PDF
Chapter  450:  Radiation Chemistry: Surface Science Techniques Download PDF
Chapter  451:  Raman and Infrared Spectroscopic Study of the Modification of Kaolinite Surfaces by Intercalation with Organic Molecules Download PDF
Chapter  452:  Reflection Spectroscopy of Monolayers at Fluid–Fluid Interfaces Download PDF
Chapter  453:  Rehbinder’s Effect Download PDF
Chapter  454:  Relativistic Brownian Motion Download PDF
Chapter  455:  Responsive Microgel Dispersions Download PDF
Chapter  456:  Reverse Micelles: Synthesis of Inorganic Nanostructures Download PDF
Chapter  457:  Rheology of Dispersed Systems Download PDF
Chapter  458:  Scanning Electron and Auger Microscopy of Surfaces and Small Particles Download PDF
Chapter  459:  Scanning X-Ray Photoelectron Microscopy (SXPEM) Download PDF
Chapter  460:  Selective Oxidation Catalysts Obtained by the Immobilization of Iron (III) Porphyrins on Layered Hydroxide Salts Download PDF
Chapter  461:  Semiconductive Oxide Surfaces: Structure and Properties Download PDF
Chapter  462:  Silica and Related Surfaces: Interactions with Water Download PDF
Chapter  463:  Silica Gel-Based Composite Adsorbents Download PDF
Chapter  464:  Silica Gels: Characterization by Physical Methods Download PDF
Chapter  465:  Silica Gels: Surface Chemistry Download PDF
Chapter  466:  Silica: Adsorption of Biomolecules Download PDF
Chapter  467:  Silica: Adsorption of Surfactants Download PDF
Chapter  468:  Single-Crystal Thin-Layer Electrochemistry Download PDF
Chapter  469:  Skin–Surfactant Interactions Download PDF
Chapter  470:  Soil Surfaces and Similar Substances: Heavy Metal Ion Adsorption Download PDF
Chapter  471:  Solid Surfaces: Microcalorimetry Download PDF
Chapter  472:  Solid–Liquid Interfaces: Surfactants and Induced Adsorption Download PDF
Chapter  473:  Solid–Liquid Interfaces: Thin Film Ellipsometric Studies Download PDF
Chapter  474:  Solid-Phase Transitions of Ionic Surfactants Download PDF
Chapter  475:  Solid–Solution Interfaces: Electrical Double-Layer and Ion Adsorption Behavior Download PDF
Chapter  476:  Solubility of Gases in Micellar Solutions Download PDF
Chapter  477:  Sonochemical Preparation of Colloids Download PDF
Chapter  478:  Sorption of Inorganic Species from Solutions on Apatites Download PDF
Chapter  479:  Special Glass Membrane Emulsification Download PDF
Chapter  480:  Stability of Thin Liquid Films Download PDF
Chapter  481:  Stabilization of Aqueous Colloidal Dispersions: Electrostatic and Steric Forces Download PDF
Chapter  482:  Stabilization of Colloids by Polymers Download PDF
Chapter  483:  Stainless Steel Surfaces: Adsorption and Fouling Download PDF
Chapter  484:  Stark Spectroscopy at Metal Surfaces Download PDF
Chapter  485:  Sterols: Functionality, Solubilization, and Delivery Vehicles Download PDF
Chapter  486:  Structural Models for the Interpretation of Nitrogen Adsorption and Mercury Porosimetry Data Download PDF
Chapter  487:  Sugar Surfactants Download PDF
Chapter  488:  Sulfide Minerals: Surface Electrochemistry Download PDF
Chapter  489:  Super Repellency Download PDF
Chapter  490:  Supercritical Fluid: Dispersion Medium to Study Colloidal Phenomena Download PDF
Chapter  491:  Supported Metal Clusters Download PDF
Chapter  492:  Surface Chemistry and Properties of Oxides as Catalyst Supports Download PDF
Chapter  493:  Surface Complexation Models of Adsorption Download PDF
Chapter  494:  Surface Conductance: Measurement Download PDF
Chapter  495:  Surface Dilational Rheology Download PDF
Chapter  496:  Surface Modifications and Prevention of Wax Depositions Download PDF
Chapter  497:  Surface Nanolayers: Positron Beam Studies Download PDF
Chapter  498:  Surface Patterning: Self-Organization at the Molecular Level Download PDF
Chapter  499:  Surface Structures and Properties of Quasicrystals Download PDF
Chapter  500:  Surface Tension of Aqueous Electrolytes Download PDF
Chapter  501:  Surface-Modified Silica Gels: Adsorption Download PDF
Chapter  502:  Surfactant Aggregates: Experimental and Theoretical Characterization of Mixed Systems Download PDF
Chapter  503:  Surfactant Design and Structure–Properties Relationships of Surfactant—Water Systems Download PDF
Chapter  504:  Electrocatalysis of Inorganic Reactions: Bimetallic Surfaces Download PDF
Chapter  505:  Surfactant Molecular Complexes Download PDF
Chapter  506:  Surfactant Vesicles: Formation, Properties, and Stability Download PDF
Chapter  507:  Surfactant–Dye Aggregates Download PDF
Chapter  508:  Surfactant-Free Emulsions Download PDF
Chapter  509:  Surfactants and Biological Molecules at Interfaces Download PDF
Chapter  510:  Surfactants in Industrial Mineral Applications Download PDF
Chapter  511:  Surfactants: Surface-Chemical Purity Download PDF
Chapter  512:  Suspension Rheology: Aggregated Structures of Fine Particles Download PDF
Chapter  513:  Suspensions: Hydrodynamic Behavior Download PDF
Chapter  514:  Synchrotron Radiation Photoemission Electron Microscopy Download PDF
Chapter  515:  Ternary Phase Diagrams Download PDF
Chapter  516:  Thermodynamic Description of Interfaces Download PDF
Chapter  517:  Thermodynamics and Binding Properties of Surfactant–Protein Interactions Download PDF
Chapter  518:  Thermophoresis of Particles Download PDF
Chapter  519:  Thermosensitive Gels Download PDF
Chapter  520:  Thin Film Flows: Theory and Modeling Download PDF
Chapter  521:  Thin Film Stability: Surface Chemical Reaction Download PDF
Chapter  522:  Thin Liquid Films and Interfaces: Particle Dynamics Download PDF
Chapter  523:  Transport in Membranes: Ionic Transport across Charged Membranes in Aqueous Organic Solutions Download PDF
Chapter  524:  Transport of Amino Acids through Fixed Charge Membranes Download PDF
Chapter  525:  Transport Phenomena in Bubble Systems Download PDF
Chapter  526:  Uniform Inorganic Colloidal Particles: Preparation Download PDF
Chapter  527:  Uniform Polymer Composite Microspheres: Preparation Download PDF
Chapter  528:  Unique Reactivity of Ultrafine Mo-Based Oxide Particles Download PDF
Chapter  529:  Unsaturated Porous Media: Ion Transport Mechanism Modeling Download PDF
Chapter  530:  Valency at Electrode Surfaces Download PDF
Chapter  531:  van der Waals Cluster Formation by Percolation Download PDF
Chapter  532:  van der Waals Interactions at Surfaces Download PDF
Chapter  533:  Vibration-Induced Wetting Download PDF
Chapter  534:  Water Dispersion Polymerization: Functional Particle Formation Topochemistry and Kinetics Download PDF
Chapter  535:  Water Structure at Biological Interfaces and Surfactant Microstructures Download PDF
Chapter  536:  Water Treatment: Coagulation Approach Download PDF
Chapter  537:  Water Treatment: Low-Cost Alternatives to Carbon Adsorbents Download PDF
Chapter  538:  Water-in-Oil Microemulsions: Nanoparticle Preparation Download PDF
Chapter  539:  Wave Motion in Thin Liquid Layers Download PDF
Chapter  540:  Wettability: Plasma Treatment Effects Download PDF
Chapter  541:  Wetting Behavior at Liquid–Liquid Interfaces Download PDF
Chapter  542:  Wetting of a Solid by a Liquid, Dynamics of: Movement of Thin Liquid Films Download PDF
Chapter  543:  Xerogels: Preparation and Characterization Download PDF
Chapter  544:  Zeolite and Activated Carbon Surfaces: Chlorinated Organic Compound Recovery Download PDF
Chapter  545:  Zeolite Surfaces: Adsorption of Gases Download PDF
Chapter  546:  Zeta-Potential Calculation Download PDF
Chapter  547:  Colloidal Thermal Fluids Download PDF
Chapter  548:  High Energy-Density Electric Double-Layer and Hybrid Supercapacitors Based on Graphene Composites Download PDF
Chapter  549:  Gold Nanorods Download PDF
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