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The first of many important works featured in CRC Press? Metals and Alloys Encyclopedia Collection, the Encyclopedia of Iron, Steel, and Their Alloys covers all the fundamental, theoretical, and application-related aspects of the metallurgical science, engineering, and technology of iron, steel, and their alloys. This Five-Volume Set addresses topics such as extractive metallurgy, powder metallurgy and processing, physical metallurgy, production engineering, corrosion engineering, thermal processing, metalworking, welding, iron- and steelmaking, heat treating, rolling, casting, hot and cold forming, surface finishing and coating, crystallography, metallography, computational metallurgy, metal-matrix composites, intermetallics, nano- and micro-structured metals and alloys, nano- and micro-alloying effects, special steels, and mining.

A valuable reference for materials scientists and engineers, chemists, manufacturers, miners, researchers, and students, this must-have encyclopedia:

Provides extensive coverage of properties and recommended practices

Includes a wealth of helpful charts, nomograms, and figures

Contains cross referencing for quick and easy search

Each entry is written by a subject-matter expert and reviewed by an international panel of renowned researchers from academia, government, and industry.

Also Available Online This Taylor and Francis encyclopedia is also available through online subscription, offering a variety of extra benefits for researchers, students, and librarians, including:

Citation tracking and alert

Active reference linking<

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HTML and PDF format options

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Table of contents

Chapter  1:  Activities, Potentials, and Partial Pressures Download PDF
Chapter  2:  Advanced Compaction Methods of PM Steels Download PDF
Chapter  3:  Advanced High-Strength Steels: Bake Hardening Download PDF
Chapter  4:  Advanced High-Strength Steels: Electron Backscatter Diffraction (EBSD) Download PDF
Chapter  5:  Advanced High-Strength Steels: Microstructure and Texture Evolution Download PDF
Chapter  6:  Advanced Ultra-High Strength Steel (A-UHSS): Boron-Containing Download PDF
Chapter  7:  Agglomeration Download PDF
Chapter  8:  Aging: Dynamic Strain, Neutron Irradiation Effect on Download PDF
Chapter  9:  Aging: Static Strain Download PDF
Chapter  10:  Annealing Download PDF
Chapter  11:  Austempered Ductile Cast Iron Download PDF
Chapter  12:  Austempered Ductile Cast Iron: Bainitic Transformation in Download PDF
Chapter  13:  Austenitic Alloys: Non-Metallic Inclusions Download PDF
Chapter  14:  Austenitic Stainless Steel: Microstructural Evolution Download PDF
Chapter  15:  Austenitic Steels: Dynamic Strain Aging Download PDF
Chapter  16:  Bainitic Steel: Microstructures and Tribological Properties Download PDF
Chapter  17:  Bainitic Steel: Nanostructured Download PDF
Chapter  18:  Bainitic Steel: Transformation Mechanisms and Properties Download PDF
Chapter  19:  Bainitic Steels: Tempering Download PDF
Chapter  20:  Bake Hardening Download PDF
Chapter  21:  Banding: Microsegregation-Induced Download PDF
Chapter  22:  Boride Layers: Growth Kinetics and Mechanical Characterization Download PDF
Chapter  23:  Boroaluminized Carbon Steel Download PDF
Chapter  24:  Boron-Added Low Carbon Unalloyed Steel Download PDF
Chapter  25:  Boronizing of Iron-Based Alloys Download PDF
Chapter  26:  Bulk Forming: Design Download PDF
Chapter  27:  Carbon Dioxide Emission Reduction Download PDF
Chapter  28:  Carbon-, Low-, and Medium-Alloy Steels: Design with Download PDF
Chapter  29:  Carbon—Iron Alloys: Alloying Elements’ Effect on Tempering Download PDF
Chapter  30:  Carbon—Iron Alloys: Austenite Transformations and Heat Treatment Processing Download PDF
Chapter  31:  Carbon—Iron Alloys: Hardening and Hardenability Download PDF
Chapter  32:  Carbonitriding: Plasma Download PDF
Chapter  33:  Carburized Steel: Quenching Effects, Jominy Test Results Download PDF
Chapter  34:  Carburizing and Heat Treatment: Ancient Development Download PDF
Chapter  35:  Carburizing Process: Effects on Sintering Process Download PDF
Chapter  36:  Carburizing: Deep, Case Structure and Process Technology Download PDF
Chapter  37:  Carburizing: Laser Beam Download PDF
Chapter  38:  Carburizing: Pack Download PDF
Chapter  39:  Case Depth: Ultrasonic Measurement Download PDF
Chapter  40:  Cast Iron and Steels: Metallography Download PDF
Chapter  41:  Cast Iron Design: Processes, Alloys and Properties Download PDF
Chapter  42:  Cast Iron: Compacted Graphite Download PDF
Chapter  43:  Cast Iron: Produced from Steel Scrap Download PDF
Chapter  44:  Chromium-Iron Steel: Solid Oxide Fuel Cells and Solid Oxide Electrolysis Cells Download PDF
Chapter  45:  Chromizing Download PDF
Chapter  46:  Continuous Casting Processes Download PDF
Chapter  47:  Controlled Atmospheres and Metallic Surfaces: Interaction during Heating Download PDF
Chapter  48:  Cooling: Accelerated Download PDF
Chapter  49:  Cooling: Curve Analysis Download PDF
Chapter  50:  Copper-Rich Nanoclusters: Ferritic Steels Strengthened Download PDF
Chapter  51:  Corrosion Inhibitors: Computational Design of Steel in Aqueous Media Download PDF
Chapter  52:  Corrosion-Resistant Alloys: Case Hardening Download PDF
Chapter  53:  Corrosion: Coatings to Prevent Download PDF
Chapter  54:  Corrosion: Rust Protection Download PDF
Chapter  55:  Corrosion: Structural Characterization of Products Download PDF
Chapter  56:  Crucible Steel Making: Persian Manuscripts and Archeometallurgical Analysis Download PDF
Chapter  57:  Cryogenic Treatment Download PDF
Chapter  58:  Cryogenic Treatment: Shallow and Deep Download PDF
Chapter  59:  Current Nitriding Download PDF
Chapter  60:  Cutting Tool Applications: Tribology and Design of Surface-Engineered Materials Download PDF
Chapter  61:  Delta Ferrite: Cracking of Steel Fasteners Download PDF
Chapter  62:  Direct Reduced Iron: Production Download PDF
Chapter  63:  Direct-Quenched Structural Steels Download PDF
Chapter  64:  Ductile Irons: Ferritic–Pearlitic Download PDF
Chapter  65:  Ductile Irons: Friction Welding Download PDF
Chapter  66:  Duplex Stainless Steels Download PDF
Chapter  67:  Electroless Nickel-Boron Coatings Download PDF
Chapter  68:  Fastening Systems: Designing Download PDF
Chapter  69:  Ferritic—Martensitic Steels: Cyclic-Softening Behavior Download PDF
Chapter  70:  Flotation of Iron Ore Download PDF
Chapter  71:  Forging Tribology Download PDF
Chapter  72:  Galvanized Coatings: Defects Download PDF
Chapter  73:  Gas and Plasma Nitriding versus Nitrocarburizing Processes Download PDF
Chapter  74:  Gas Quenching: High-Pressure Process and Equipment Design Download PDF
Chapter  75:  Grain Boundaries in Iron Download PDF
Chapter  76:  Hardenability Download PDF
Chapter  77:  Hardenability: Blanter Nomogram Download PDF
Chapter  78:  Hardening: Flame Download PDF
Chapter  79:  Hardening: Practical Aspects Download PDF
Chapter  80:  Hardfacing Download PDF
Chapter  81:  Heat Treatment: Fundamentals Download PDF
Chapter  82:  Heat Treatment: Post-Weld Download PDF
Chapter  83:  Heat Treatment: Regenerative Download PDF
Chapter  84:  Heat Treatment: Special Steels Download PDF
Chapter  85:  Heat Treatment: Steel Download PDF
Chapter  86:  Heat Treatment: Transformation-Induced Plasticity Aide Bainitic Steels Download PDF
Chapter  87:  Heat-Treated Components: Distortion Download PDF
Chapter  88:  High-Carbon Steel Wire: Patenting in Lead Bath Download PDF
Chapter  89:  High-Melting-Point Materials: Semi-Solid Processing Download PDF
Chapter  90:  High-Strength Low-Alloy Steels: Designing with Download PDF
Chapter  91:  High-Temperature Oxidation Download PDF
Chapter  92:  History: Discovery and Production of Iron and Steel Download PDF
Chapter  93:  Hot-Rolled Steels: Microstructural Evolution Prediction Download PDF
Chapter  94:  Hydrogen Embrittlement: Mechanisms Download PDF
Chapter  95:  Hydrogen Embrittlement: Theories Download PDF
Chapter  96:  Hypoeutectoid Steels: Critical Points Download PDF
Chapter  97:  Induction Hardening Download PDF
Chapter  98:  Induction Heating and Heat Treating: Computer Modeling Download PDF
Chapter  99:  Internal Friction Download PDF
Chapter  100:  Investment Casting Download PDF
Chapter  101:  Iron Meteorites: Crystal Structure and Magnetic Properties Download PDF
Chapter  102:  Iron Ore Direct Reduction: Simulation of Download PDF
Chapter  103:  Large Steel Ingots: Microstructure Mathematical Modeling Download PDF
Chapter  104:  Laser Physical Vapor Deposition (LPVD) and Laser Modification Processes Download PDF
Chapter  105:  Laser Transformation Hardening and Remelting Download PDF
Chapter  106:  Low Carbon Steel: Welding Effects on Microstructure and Properties Download PDF
Chapter  107:  Machining Design Download PDF
Chapter  108:  Machining: Die and Tool Steel Download PDF
Chapter  109:  Magnetic Barkhausen Noise Emission: Surface Integrity Download PDF
Chapter  110:  Magnetic Fields: Effect on Heat Treatment and Properties of Steel Download PDF
Chapter  111:  Manganese: High Content in Steels Download PDF
Chapter  112:  Maraging Steels Download PDF
Chapter  113:  Maraging Steels: Microstructure during Thermal Processing Download PDF
Chapter  114:  Martensite Start Temperature of Steel: Effect of the Alloying Elements Download PDF
Chapter  115:  Martensite, Ferrite Microalloyed Steels Download PDF
Chapter  116:  Martensitic Stainless Steel: Direct Current Low-Temperature Plasma Carburizing Download PDF
Chapter  117:  Martensitic Steels: Epsilon Carbides in Tempered Download PDF
Chapter  118:  Martensitic Structure Download PDF
Chapter  119:  Mechanical Behavior: Modeling and Simulation Download PDF
Chapter  120:  Metallography of Powder Metallurgy Ferrous Metals Download PDF
Chapter  121:  Metallurgical Coke Download PDF
Chapter  122:  Microwave Plasma Carburizing Download PDF
Chapter  123:  Mild Steel Plates: Aluminizing Download PDF
Chapter  124:  Molten Salt Baths: Electrochemical Boriding Download PDF
Chapter  125:  Nanofluids: Alternate Coolants Download PDF
Chapter  126:  Nitrided and Nitrocarburized Materials: Design Download PDF
Chapter  127:  Nitriding and Austenitic and Ferritic Nitrocarburizing Download PDF
Chapter  128:  Nitriding: Gas Download PDF
Chapter  129:  Nitriding: Interstitial Free Steel Download PDF
Chapter  130:  Nitriding: Lehrer Diagrams Download PDF
Chapter  131:  Nomenclature: Steel Download PDF
Chapter  132:  Pack Cyaniding: Cassava Leaves Download PDF
Chapter  133:  Pearlitic Steels: Wire Drawing Download PDF
Chapter  134:  Peening: Laser Download PDF
Chapter  135:  Pickling: Electrochemical Download PDF
Chapter  136:  Pipeline Steel Corrosion Download PDF
Chapter  137:  Pipeline Steels: Hydrogen Diffusion and Environmentally-Assisted Cracking Download PDF
Chapter  138:  Plasma Electrolytic Surface Carburizing of Pure Iron Download PDF
Chapter  139:  Plasma Nitrided Steel: Corrosion Resistance by Plasma Post-Oxidation Download PDF
Chapter  140:  Plasma Nitriding: Workpiece Emittance Effect on Heating in Download PDF
Chapter  141:  Powder Injection Molding: Sinter-Hardening Download PDF
Chapter  142:  Powder Metallurgy Alloys: Designing with Download PDF
Chapter  143:  Powder Metallurgy Steel Components: Heat Treatment Download PDF
Chapter  144:  Precipitate Formation in Iron Alloys: Transmission Electron Microscopy Download PDF
Chapter  145:  Quench Factor Analysis Download PDF
Chapter  146:  Quench Processing: Multiple Download PDF
Chapter  147:  Quench System Design: Induction Hardening Download PDF
Chapter  148:  Quenchants: Polymer Download PDF
Chapter  149:  Quenching and Partitioning Heat Treatment: High-Strength, Low-Alloy Download PDF
Chapter  150:  Quenching and Partitioning Steel Download PDF
Chapter  151:  Quenching and Tempering: Multicomponent Grain Boundary Segregations Design Simulation Download PDF
Chapter  152:  Quenching: Brine and Caustic Download PDF
Chapter  153:  Quenching: Gas Download PDF
Chapter  154:  Quenching: Intensive Steel Download PDF
Chapter  155:  Quenching: Interrupted Download PDF
Chapter  156:  Quenching: Simulation Download PDF
Chapter  157:  Quenching: Techniques Download PDF
Chapter  158:  Residual Stress and Distortion: Designing for Control of Download PDF
Chapter  159:  Residual Stress: Minimization in Steel Castings Download PDF
Chapter  160:  Residual Stresses Download PDF
Chapter  161:  Residual Stresses: Quenching, After Download PDF
Chapter  162:  Residual Stresses: Welding-Induced Download PDF
Chapter  163:  Retained Austenite: Stability in a Nanostructured Bainitic Steel Download PDF
Chapter  164:  Retained Austenite Download PDF
Chapter  165:  Rolling: Skin-Pass Download PDF
Chapter  166:  Roman Iron Artifacts: Metallographic Characterization Download PDF
Chapter  167:  Schaeffler Diagrams Download PDF
Chapter  168:  Sheet Metal Forming: Design Download PDF
Chapter  169:  Shropshire Iron Industry Download PDF
Chapter  170:  Simulated Effects of Martensite Start Temperature, Retained Austenite, and Porosity Content on the Near-End-Quench Cooling Rates of Powder Metal Steels Download PDF
Chapter  171:  Sinter-Hardening Download PDF
Chapter  172:  Sintering and Surface Texturing: Direct Current-Coupled Plasma-Assisted Parts Manufacturing Download PDF
Chapter  173:  Smelting Reduction Processes Download PDF
Chapter  174:  Spheroidal Graphite Iron Download PDF
Chapter  175:  Stainless Steel: Heat Treatment Download PDF
Chapter  176:  Stainless Steel: Low-Temperature Nitriding Kinetics Download PDF
Chapter  177:  Stainless Steels, Superplastic: Carburizing and Boronizing of Download PDF
Chapter  178:  Steam Environments: Oxidation of Ferrous Alloys in Download PDF
Chapter  179:  Steel Casting Tomography: Contactless Inductive Flow and Mutual Inductance Download PDF
Chapter  180:  Steel Rolling: Chatter Download PDF
Chapter  181:  Steel Transformation: Classification and Mechanisms Download PDF
Chapter  182:  Alloyed Steels: Mechanically Download PDF
Chapter  183:  Stress Corrosion Cracking (SCC) Download PDF
Chapter  184:  Structural Steels Download PDF
Chapter  185:  Superstrengthening Download PDF
Chapter  186:  Surface Hardening: Laser Download PDF
Chapter  187:  Surface Hardening: Low-Temperature Download PDF
Chapter  188:  Surface Modification Processes: Cavitation Erosion Resistance Download PDF
Chapter  189:  Surface Roughness: Effect of Nitriding Download PDF
Chapter  190:  Tempering Parameter Development Download PDF
Chapter  191:  Testing Methods: Mechanical Properties Download PDF
Chapter  192:  Thermal and Nuclear Power Plants: Steels in Water Coolants Download PDF
Chapter  193:  Thermally-Processed Steels: Residual Stresses and Distortion Download PDF
Chapter  194:  Thixoforming Download PDF
Chapter  195:  Tool Steels Download PDF
Chapter  196:  Tool Steels: Cryogenic Treatment Download PDF
Chapter  197:  Tool Steels: Fracture Toughness Download PDF
Chapter  198:  Tool Steels: Physical Metallurgy Download PDF
Chapter  199:  Vacuum Heat Processing Download PDF
Chapter  200:  Welding: Metallography Download PDF
Chapter  201:  Welding: Residual Stresses Download PDF
Chapter  202:  Wetting Kinematics Download PDF
Prelims3 Download PDF
Index4 Download PDF
Prelims4 Download PDF
Prelims2 Download PDF
Index5 Download PDF
Index3 Download PDF
Prelims1 Download PDF
Index2 Download PDF
Index1 Download PDF
Prelims5 Download PDF
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