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Encyclopedia of Chromatography, Third Edition

Edited by: Jack Cazes

Print publication date:  October  2009
Online publication date:  October  2009

Print ISBN: 9781420084597
eBook ISBN: 9781420084832
Adobe ISBN:

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Book description

Thoroughly revised and expanded, the third edition of the Encyclopedia of Chromatography is an authoritative source of information for researchers in chemistry, biology, physics, engineering, and materials science. This quick reference and guide to specific chromatographic techniques and theory provides a basic introduction to the science and technology of the method, offering key references dealing with the methodology for analysis of specific chemicals and applications in industry. With a focus on emerging technologies and uses, the text contains tables and figures that cogently illustrate and clarify technical points in the articles. The Third Edition provides a valuable, reader-friendly reference for all those who employ chromatographic methods for analysis of complex mixtures of substances, as well as practitioners across the entire spectrum of science.

What?s New in the Third Edition:

  • Bioanalysis: Silica- and Polymer-Based Monolithic Columns
  • Bioluminescence: Detection in TLC
  • Chemical Warfare Agent Degradation Products: HPLC/MS Analysis
  • Chemical Warfare Agents: TLC Analysis
  • Cyclodextrins in GC
  • Cyclodextrins in HPLC
  • Detection in Ion Chromatography
  • Drug Development: LC/MS
  • Flash Chromatography
  • Food Analysis: Ion Chromatography
  • Inorganic and Organic Cations: Ion Chromatographic Determination
  • Inverse GC
  • Multidimensional Separations
  • Spiral Column Assembly for HSCCC
  • Thin Layer Radiochromatography
  • Topological Indices: TLC
  • UV-Visible Detection Including Multiple Wavelengths

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    Table of contents

    Prelims Download PDF
    Chapter  1:  GPC/SEC: Calibration with Narrow Molecular-Weight Distribution Standards Download PDF
    Chapter  2:  GPC/SEC: Calibration with Universal Calibration Techniques Download PDF
    Chapter  3:  GPC/SEC: Experimental Conditions Download PDF
    Chapter  4:  Gradient Development in TLC Download PDF
    Chapter  5:  Gradient Elution Fundamentals Download PDF
    Chapter  6:  Gradient Elution in CE Download PDF
    Chapter  7:  Gradient Elution Program: Selection and Important Instrumental Considerations Download PDF
    Chapter  8:  Gradient Elution Techniques Download PDF
    Chapter  9:  Gradient HPLC: Gradient System Selection Download PDF
    Chapter  10:  Headspace Sampling Download PDF
    Chapter  11:  Headspace Sampling in GC Download PDF
    Chapter  12:  Helium Detector Download PDF
    Chapter  13:  Heterocyclic Bases: LC Analysis Download PDF
    Chapter  14:  Highly Selective RP/HPLC: Polymer Grafting to Silica Surface Download PDF
    Chapter  15:  High-Temperature High-Resolution GC Download PDF
    Chapter  16:  Histidine in Body Fluids: HPLC Determination Download PDF
    Chapter  17:  HPLC Column Maintenance Download PDF
    Chapter  18:  HPLC Instrumentation: Troubleshooting Download PDF
    Chapter  19:  Adsorption Chromatography Download PDF
    Chapter  20:  HPLC Instrumentation: Validation Download PDF
    Chapter  21:  Human Exposure to Endocrine-Disrupting Chemicals: LC/MS for Risk Assessment Download PDF
    Chapter  22:  Hybrid Micellar Mobile Phases Download PDF
    Chapter  23:  Hydrodynamic Equilibrium in CCC Download PDF
    Chapter  24:  Hydrophilic Vitamins: TLC Analysis Download PDF
    Chapter  25:  Hydrophobic Interaction Download PDF
    Chapter  26:  Hydroxy Compounds: Derivatization for GC Analysis Download PDF
    Chapter  27:  Immobilized Antibodies: Affinity Chromatography Download PDF
    Chapter  28:  Immobilized Metal Affinity Chromatography (IMAC) Download PDF
    Chapter  29:  Immobilized Metal Ion Affinity Chromatography (IMAC): Chelating Sorbents Download PDF
    Chapter  30:  Immunoaffinity Chromatography Download PDF
    Chapter  31:  Immunodetection Download PDF
    Chapter  32:  Industrial Applications of CCC Download PDF
    Chapter  33:  Injection Techniques for CE Download PDF
    Chapter  34:  Inorganic and Organic Cations: Ion Chromatographic Determination Download PDF
    Chapter  35:  Inorganic Elements: CCC Analysis Download PDF
    Chapter  36:  Inorganic Oxyhalide By-Products in Drinking Water: Ion Chromatographic Methods Download PDF
    Chapter  37:  Inverse GC Download PDF
    Chapter  38:  Iodine-Azide Reaction as a Detection System in TLC Download PDF
    Chapter  39:  Iodine–Azide Reaction: HPLC Analysis Download PDF
    Chapter  40:  Ion Chromatography: Modern Stationary Phases Download PDF
    Chapter  41:  Ion Chromatography: Suppressed and Non-Suppressed Download PDF
    Chapter  42:  Ion Chromatography: Water and Waste Water Analysis Download PDF
    Chapter  43:  Ion Exchange: Mechanism and Factors Affecting Separation Download PDF
    Chapter  44:  Argon Detector Download PDF
    Chapter  45:  Ion-Exchange Buffers Download PDF
    Chapter  46:  Ion-Exchange Resins: Inverse GC Download PDF
    Chapter  47:  Ion-Exchange Stationary Phases Download PDF
    Chapter  48:  Ion-Exclusion Chromatography Download PDF
    Chapter  49:  Ion-Interaction Chromatography Download PDF
    Chapter  50:  Aromatic Diamidines: Electrophoresis and HPLC Analysis Download PDF
    Chapter  51:  Ion-Interaction Chromatography: Comprehensive Thermodynamic Approach Download PDF
    Chapter  52:  Ion-Pairing Techniques Download PDF
    Chapter  53:  Isocratic HPLC: System Selection Download PDF
    Chapter  54:  Katharometer Detector for GC Download PDF
    Chapter  55:  Kovats’ Retention Index System Download PDF
    Chapter  56:  Lanthanides: HPLC Separation Download PDF
    Chapter  57:  Large Volume Injection for GC Download PDF
    Chapter  58:  Large Volume Sample Injection in FFF Download PDF
    Chapter  59:  Laser-Induced Fluorescence Detection in CE Download PDF
    Chapter  60:  LC/MS Download PDF
    Chapter  61:  LC/NMR and LC/MS/NMR Download PDF
    Chapter  62:  Lewis Base-Modified Zirconia as Stationary Phases for HPLC Download PDF
    Chapter  63:  Lignins and Derivatives: GPC/SEC Analysis Download PDF
    Chapter  64:  Lipids: CCC Separation Download PDF
    Chapter  65:  Asymmetric FFF in Biotechnology Download PDF
    Chapter  66:  Lipids: HPLC Analysis Download PDF
    Chapter  67:  Lipids: Solid-Phase Extraction Purification Download PDF
    Chapter  68:  Lipids: TLC Analysis Download PDF
    Chapter  69:  Lipophilic Vitamins: TLC Analysis Download PDF
    Chapter  70:  Lipophilicity: Assessment by RP/TLC and HPLC Download PDF
    Chapter  71:  Lipoproteins: CCC and LC Separation Download PDF
    Chapter  72:  Liquid Crystal GC Phases Download PDF
    Chapter  73:  Liquid–Liquid Partition Chromatography Download PDF
    Chapter  74:  Long-Chain Branching Macromolecules: SEC Analysis Download PDF
    Chapter  75:  Longitudinal Diffusion in LC Download PDF
    Chapter  76:  Magnetic FFF and Magnetic SPLITT Download PDF
    Chapter  77:  Mark–Houwink Relationship Download PDF
    Chapter  78:  Mass Transfer between Phases Download PDF
    Chapter  79:  McReynolds Method for Stationary Phase Classification Download PDF
    Chapter  80:  Metal Ions: CPC Separation Download PDF
    Chapter  81:  Metal Ions: Silica Gel Surface Modification for Selective Extraction Download PDF
    Chapter  82:  Band Broadening in CE Download PDF
    Chapter  83:  Metal–Ion Enrichment by CCC Download PDF
    Chapter  84:  Metal-Ion Separation by Micellar HPLC Download PDF
    Chapter  85:  Metalloproteins: Characterization Using CE Download PDF
    Chapter  86:  Metals and Organometallics: GC for Speciation Analysis Download PDF
    Chapter  87:  Metformin and Glibenclamide: HPLC Determination Download PDF
    Chapter  88:  Microcystins: CE Determination Download PDF
    Chapter  89:  Band Broadening in GPC/SEC Download PDF
    Chapter  90:  Microcystins: Isolation by Supercritical Fluid Extraction Download PDF
    Chapter  91:  Micro-ThFFF Download PDF
    Chapter  92:  Adsorption Studies by FFF Download PDF
    Chapter  93:  Migration Behavior: Reproducibility in CE Download PDF
    Chapter  94:  Milk Proteins: RP/HPLC Separation Download PDF
    Chapter  95:  Minimum Detectable Concentration or Sensitivity Download PDF
    Chapter  96:  Mixed Stationary Phases in GC Download PDF
    Chapter  97:  Mixed Stationary Phases: Synergistic Effects in GC Download PDF
    Chapter  98:  Mobile Phase Modifiers for SFC: Influence on Retention Download PDF
    Chapter  99:  Molecular Interactions in GC Download PDF
    Chapter  100:  Monolithic Disk Supports for HPLC Download PDF
    Chapter  101:  Monolithic Stationary Supports: Preparation, Properties, and Applications Download PDF
    Chapter  102:  Multidimensional Separations Download PDF
    Chapter  103:  Multidimensional TLC Download PDF
    Chapter  104:  Mycotoxins: TLC Analysis Download PDF
    Chapter  105:  Natural Phenolic Compounds: Planar Chromatography Separation Download PDF
    Chapter  106:  Natural Pigments: TLC Analysis Download PDF
    Chapter  107:  Natural Products: CE Analysis Download PDF
    Chapter  108:  Natural Rubber: GPC/SEC Analysis Download PDF
    Chapter  109:  Neuropeptides and Neuroproteins by CE Download PDF
    Chapter  110:  Band Broadening in SEC Download PDF
    Chapter  111:  Neurotransmitter and Hormone Receptors: Affinity Chromatography Purification Download PDF
    Chapter  112:  Neurotransmitters: HPLC Analysis Download PDF
    Chapter  113:  Nitrofurans: HPLC Analysis Download PDF
    Chapter  114:  Nitrogen Chemiluminescence: SFC Detection Download PDF
    Chapter  115:  Nitrogen/Phosphorus Detector Download PDF
    Chapter  116:  Nonionic Surfactants: GPC/SEC Analysis Download PDF
    Chapter  117:  Normal-Phase Chromatography Download PDF
    Chapter  118:  Nucleic Acid Derivatives: TLC Analysis Download PDF
    Chapter  119:  Nucleic Acids, Oligonucleotides, and DNA: CE Download PDF
    Chapter  120:  Octanol–Water Distribution Constants Measured by CCC Download PDF
    Chapter  121:  Barbiturates: CE Analysis Download PDF
    Chapter  122:  On-Column Injection for GC Download PDF
    Chapter  123:  Open-Tubular and Micropacked Columns for SFC Download PDF
    Chapter  124:  Open-Tubular Capillary Columns Download PDF
    Chapter  125:  Open-Tubular CEC Download PDF
    Chapter  126:  Open-Tubular Columns: Golay Dispersion Equation Download PDF
    Chapter  127:  Optical Activity Detectors Download PDF
    Chapter  128:  Optical Quantification or Densitometry in TLC Download PDF
    Chapter  129:  Optimization of TLC Download PDF
    Chapter  130:  Organic Acids: TLC Analysis Download PDF
    Chapter  131:  Organic Extractables from Packaging Materials: Identification and Quantification Download PDF
    Chapter  132:  Organic Polymer Additives: Identification and Quantification Download PDF
    Chapter  133:  β-Lactam Antibiotics: Effect of Temperature and Mobile Phase Composition on RP/HPLC Separation Download PDF
    Chapter  134:  Organic Solvents: Classification for CE Download PDF
    Chapter  135:  Organic Solvents: Effect on Ion Mobility Download PDF
    Chapter  136:  Organic Solvents: Influence on pKa Download PDF
    Chapter  137:  Organic Substances: Lipophilicity Determination by RP/TLC Download PDF
    Chapter  138:  Overpressured Layer Chromatography Download PDF
    Chapter  139:  Oxolinic Acids: HPLC Analysis Download PDF
    Chapter  140:  Packed Capillary LC Download PDF
    Chapter  141:  Particle Separation: Acoustic FFF Download PDF
    Chapter  142:  Particles and Macromolecules: Focusing FFF Download PDF
    Chapter  143:  PCR Products: CE Analysis Download PDF
    Chapter  144:  Peak Skimming for Overlapping Peaks Download PDF
    Chapter  145:  Pellicular Supports for HPLC Download PDF
    Chapter  146:  Peptides and Proteins: TLC Analysis Download PDF
    Chapter  147:  Peptides, Proteins, and Antibodies: Capillary Isoelectric Focusing Download PDF
    Chapter  148:  Peptides: CCC Separation Download PDF
    Chapter  149:  Peptides: HPLC Analysis Download PDF
    Chapter  150:  Bile Acids: TLC Analysis Download PDF
    Chapter  151:  Particle Size: Gravitational FFF Determination Download PDF
    Chapter  152:  Peptides: Purification with Immobilized Enzymes Download PDF
    Chapter  153:  Pesticides: GC Analysis Download PDF
    Chapter  154:  Pesticides: TLC Analysis Download PDF
    Chapter  155:  pH: Effect on MEKC Separation Download PDF
    Chapter  156:  Phenolic Acids in Natural Plants: HPLC Analysis Download PDF
    Chapter  157:  Phenolic Compounds: HPLC Analysis Download PDF
    Chapter  158:  Phenolic Drugs: TLC Detection Download PDF
    Chapter  159:  Flavonoids: CCC Separation Download PDF
    Chapter  160:  Phenols and Acids: TLC Analysis Download PDF
    Chapter  161:  Phospholipids and Glycolipids: Normal-Phase HPLC Analysis Download PDF
    Chapter  162:  Photodiode-Array Detection Download PDF
    Chapter  163:  Flavonoids: SFC Analysis Download PDF
    Chapter  164:  Affinity Chromatography Download PDF
    Chapter  165:  Photophoretic Effects in FFF of Particles Download PDF
    Chapter  166:  pH-Peak-Focusing and pH-Zone-Refining CCC Download PDF
    Chapter  167:  Planar Chromatography: Automation and Robotics Download PDF
    Chapter  168:  Plant Extracts: TLC Analysis Download PDF
    Chapter  169:  Plate Number: Effective Download PDF
    Chapter  170:  Plate Theory Download PDF
    Chapter  171:  Pollutant–Colloid Association by FFF Download PDF
    Chapter  172:  Pollutants: Chiral CE Analysis Download PDF
    Chapter  173:  Pollutants: HPLC Analysis in Water Download PDF
    Chapter  174:  Polyamides: GPC/SEC Analysis Download PDF
    Chapter  175:  Binding Constants: Affinity Chromatography Determination Download PDF
    Chapter  176:  Polycarbonates: GPC/SEC Analysis Download PDF
    Chapter  177:  Polyesters: GPC/SEC Analysis Download PDF
    Chapter  178:  Polymer Characterization and Degradation: Pyrolysis–GC/MS Techniques Download PDF
    Chapter  179:  Polymer Formulations: Additives Download PDF
    Chapter  180:  Polymers and Particles: ThFFF Download PDF
    Chapter  181:  Polymers: Additives Download PDF
    Chapter  182:  Polymers: Concentration Effects on ThFFF Separation and Characterization Download PDF
    Chapter  183:  Polymers: Degradation in GPC/SEC Columns Download PDF
    Chapter  184:  Polymers: GPC Determination of Intrinsic Viscosity Download PDF
    Chapter  185:  Polymers: Solvent Effects in ThFFF Separation Download PDF
    Chapter  186:  Polystyrene: ThFFF Download PDF
    Chapter  187:  Porous Graphitized Carbon Columns in LC Download PDF
    Chapter  188:  SFC Download PDF
    Chapter  189:  Potential Barrier FFF Download PDF
    Chapter  190:  Preparative HPLC Optimization Download PDF
    Chapter  191:  Preparative TLC Download PDF
    Chapter  192:  Procyanidins: CCC Separation with Hydrophilic Solvent Systems Download PDF
    Chapter  193:  Programmed Flow GC Download PDF
    Chapter  194:  Programmed Temperature GC Download PDF
    Chapter  195:  Prostaglandins, Isoprostanes, and Synthetic Prostanoid Drugs: Analysis by HPLC Download PDF
    Chapter  196:  Protein Immobilization Download PDF
    Chapter  197:  Binding Molecules via –SH Groups Download PDF
    Chapter  198:  Proteins: Affinity Ligands Download PDF
    Chapter  199:  Proteins: Cross-Axis Coil Planet Centrifuge Separation Download PDF
    Chapter  200:  Proteins: Flow FFF Separation Download PDF
    Chapter  201:  Proteins: HPLC Analysis Download PDF
    Chapter  202:  Pump/Solvent Delivery System Design for HPLC Download PDF
    Chapter  203:  Bioanalysis: Silica- and Polymer-Based Monolithic Columns Download PDF
    Chapter  204:  Purge-Backflushing Techniques in GC Download PDF
    Chapter  205:  Quantitation by External Standard Download PDF
    Chapter  206:  Quantitation by Internal Standard Download PDF
    Chapter  207:  Quantitation by Normalization Download PDF
    Chapter  208:  Quantitation by Standard Addition Download PDF
    Chapter  209:  Quantitative Structure-Retention Relationship by TLC Download PDF
    Chapter  210:  Quantitative Structure-Retention Relationships: TLC Analysis Download PDF
    Chapter  211:  Radiochemical Detection Download PDF
    Chapter  212:  Radius of Gyration Measurement by GPC/SEC Download PDF
    Chapter  213:  Rate Constants: Determination from On-Column Chemical Reactions Download PDF
    Chapter  214:  Absorbance Detection in CE Download PDF
    Chapter  215:  Acids, Organic: TLC Analysis Download PDF
    Chapter  216:  Capacity Download PDF
    Chapter  217:  Rate Theory in GC Download PDF
    Chapter  218:  Radiolytic Degradation Products: Monitoring Priority Pollutants Download PDF
    Chapter  219:  Refractive Index Detector Download PDF
    Chapter  220:  Relaxation Effects in FFF Download PDF
    Chapter  221:  Resin Microspheres as Stationary Phase for Liquid Ligand Exchange Chromatography Download PDF
    Chapter  222:  Resolution in HPLC: Selectivity, Efficiency, and Capacity Download PDF
    Chapter  223:  Retention Gap Injection Method Download PDF
    Chapter  224:  Retention Factor: MEKC Separation Download PDF
    Chapter  225:  Retention Time and Retention Volume Download PDF
    Chapter  226:  Reversed-Flow GC Download PDF
    Chapter  227:  Biological Fluids: Glucuronides from LC/MS Download PDF
    Chapter  228:  Rf Download PDF
    Chapter  229:  Rotation Locular CCC Download PDF
    Chapter  230:  Sample Application in TLC Download PDF
    Chapter  231:  Sample Injectors with Mobile Parts for GC Download PDF
    Chapter  232:  Sample Preparation Download PDF
    Chapter  233:  Sample Preparation and Stacking for CE Download PDF
    Chapter  234:  Sample Preparation for Ion Chromatography Download PDF
    Chapter  235:  Biological Fluids: Micro-Bore Column-Switching HPLC Determination of Drugs Download PDF
    Chapter  236:  Sample Preparation for TLC Download PDF
    Chapter  237:  Scale-Up of CCC Download PDF
    Chapter  238:  SEC with On-Line Triple Detection: Light Scattering, Viscometry, and Refractive Index Download PDF
    Chapter  239:  Selectivity Download PDF
    Chapter  240:  SEC: High Speed Methods Download PDF
    Chapter  241:  Sedimentation FFF: Surface Phenomena Download PDF
    Chapter  242:  Selectivity Tuning Download PDF
    Chapter  243:  Selectivity: Factors Affecting, in SFC Download PDF
    Chapter  244:  Self-Assembled Organic Phase for RP/HPLC Download PDF
    Chapter  245:  Response Spectrum Download PDF
    Chapter  246:  Separation Ratio Download PDF
    Chapter  247:  Sequential Injections: HPLC Analysis Download PDF
    Chapter  248:  SFC: MS Detection Download PDF
    Chapter  249:  Silica Capillaries: Chemical Derivatization Download PDF
    Chapter  250:  Silica Capillaries: Epoxy Coating Download PDF
    Chapter  251:  Size Separations by CE Download PDF
    Chapter  252:  Biological Samples: LC/MS Detection and Quantification of Naturally Occurring Steroids Download PDF
    Chapter  253:  Slow Rotary CCC Download PDF
    Chapter  254:  Solute Focusing Injection Method Download PDF
    Chapter  255:  Solute Identification in TLC Download PDF
    Chapter  256:  Solvent Systems: Systematic Selection for HSCCC Download PDF
    Chapter  257:  Sorbents in TLC Download PDF
    Chapter  258:  Spiral Column Assembly for HSCCC Download PDF
    Chapter  259:  Spiral Disk Assembly: Column Design for HSCCC Download PDF
    Chapter  260:  Split/Splitless Injector Download PDF
    Chapter  261:  Stationary Phase Retention in CCC Download PDF
    Chapter  262:  Stationary Phase Retention versus Peak Elution in CCC Download PDF
    Chapter  263:  Stationary Phases for Packed Column SFC Download PDF
    Chapter  264:  Stationary Phases: Reverse-Phase Download PDF
    Chapter  265:  Steroidal Alkaloid Glycosides: TLC Immunostaining Download PDF
    Chapter  266:  Steroids: Derivatization for GC Analysis Download PDF
    Chapter  267:  Steroids: GC Analysis Download PDF
    Chapter  268:  Steroids: TLC Analysis Download PDF
    Chapter  269:  Supercritical Fluid Extraction Download PDF
    Chapter  270:  Synthetic Dyes: HSCCC Separation Download PDF
    Chapter  271:  Synthetic Dyes: TLC Download PDF
    Chapter  272:  Taxanes: HPLC Analysis Download PDF
    Chapter  273:  Taxines: HPLC Analysis Download PDF
    Chapter  274:  Taxoids: TLC Analysis Download PDF
    Chapter  275:  Temperature Program: Anatomy Download PDF
    Chapter  276:  Temperature: Effect on MEKC Separation Download PDF
    Chapter  277:  Temperature: Mobility, Selectivity, and Resolution in CE Download PDF
    Chapter  278:  Terpenoids: HPLC Separation Download PDF
    Chapter  279:  Terpenoids: TLC Analysis Download PDF
    Chapter  280:  Thermodynamics of GPC/SEC Separation Download PDF
    Chapter  281:  Thermodynamics of Retention in GC Download PDF
    Chapter  282:  ThFFF Download PDF
    Chapter  283:  ThFFF: Cold Wall Effects Download PDF
    Chapter  284:  ThFFF: Molecular Weight and Molecular Weight Distributions Download PDF
    Chapter  285:  Thin Layer Radiochromatography Download PDF
    Chapter  286:  Three-Dimensional Effects in FFF: Theory Download PDF
    Chapter  287:  TLC/MS Download PDF
    Chapter  288:  TLC: Sandwich Chambers Download PDF
    Chapter  289:  TLC: Theory and Mechanism Download PDF
    Chapter  290:  TLC: Validation of Analyses Download PDF
    Chapter  291:  Topological Indices: TLC Download PDF
    Chapter  292:  Bioluminescence: Detection in TLC Download PDF
    Chapter  293:  Topological Indices: Use in HPLC Download PDF
    Chapter  294:  Trace Enrichment Download PDF
    Chapter  295:  Two-Dimensional TLC Download PDF
    Chapter  296:  Two-Phase Solvent Systems, Aqueous: CCC Download PDF
    Chapter  297:  Two-Phase Solvent Systems: Settling Time in CCC Download PDF
    Chapter  298:  Ultrathin-Layer Gel Electrophoresis Download PDF
    Chapter  299:  Unified Chromatography Download PDF
    Chapter  300:  Uremic Toxins in Biofluids: HPLC Analysis Download PDF
    Chapter  301:  Biomarkers and Metabolites: HPLC/MS Analysis Download PDF
    Chapter  302:  UV-Visible Detection Including Multiple Wavelengths Download PDF
    Chapter  303:  van’t Hoff Curves Download PDF
    Chapter  304:  Vinyl Pyrrolidone Homopolymer and Copolymers: SEC Analysis Download PDF
    Chapter  305:  Viscometric Detection in GPC/SEC Download PDF
    Chapter  306:  Vitamins, Hydrophobic: TLC Analysis Download PDF
    Chapter  307:  Vitamins: CCC Separation by Cross-Axis Coil Planet Centrifuge Download PDF
    Chapter  308:  Void Volume in LC Download PDF
    Chapter  309:  Wheat Proteins: FFF Download PDF
    Chapter  310:  Whey Proteins: Anion-Exchange Separation Download PDF
    Chapter  311:  Zeta-Potential Download PDF
    Chapter  312:  Zirconia–Silica Stationary Phases for HPLC Download PDF
    Chapter  313:  Zone Dispersion in FFF Download PDF
    Chapter  314:  Biopharmaceuticals: CE Analysis Download PDF
    Chapter  315:  Affinity Chromatography: Molecularly Imprinted Polymers Download PDF
    Chapter  316:  Biopolymers and Pharmaceuticals: CEC Download PDF
    Chapter  317:  Biopolymers: CZE Analysis Download PDF
    Chapter  318:  Biopolymers: Separations Download PDF
    Chapter  319:  Biotic Dicarboxylic Acids: CCC Separation with Polar Two-Phase Solvent Systems Using a Cross-Axis Coil Planet Centrifuge Download PDF
    Chapter  320:  Body Fluids: CE Analysis of Drugs Download PDF
    Chapter  321:  Bonded Phases in HPLC Download PDF
    Chapter  322:  Buffer Systems in CE Download PDF
    Chapter  323:  Buffer Type and Concentration: Mobility, Selectivity, and Resolution in CE Download PDF
    Chapter  324:  Capillary Isoelectric Focusing Download PDF
    Chapter  325:  Capillary Isotachophoresis Download PDF
    Chapter  326:  Reverse-Phase Chromatography Download PDF
    Chapter  327:  Carbohydrates: Affinity Ligands Download PDF
    Chapter  328:  Carbohydrates: CE Analysis Download PDF
    Chapter  329:  Sample Introduction Techniques for HPLC Download PDF
    Chapter  330:  Carbohydrates: Derivatization for GC Analysis Download PDF
    Chapter  331:  Sample Preparation for HPLC Download PDF
    Chapter  332:  Carbohydrates: HPLC Analysis Download PDF
    Chapter  333:  Carbonyls: Derivatization for GC Analysis Download PDF
    Chapter  334:  Catalysts: Reversed-Flow GC Download PDF
    Chapter  335:  Affinity Chromatography: Spacer Groups Download PDF
    Chapter  336:  CCC/MS Download PDF
    Chapter  337:  CCC: Instrumentation Download PDF
    Chapter  338:  CCC: Solvent Systems Download PDF
    Chapter  339:  CE Download PDF
    Chapter  340:  Affinity Chromatography: Weak Download PDF
    Chapter  341:  CE in Nonaqueous Media Download PDF
    Chapter  342:  CE on Chips Download PDF
    Chapter  343:  CE/MS: Large Molecule Applications Download PDF
    Chapter  344:  CE: ICP/MS Download PDF
    Chapter  345:  CEC Download PDF
    Chapter  346:  Cell Sorting: Sedimentation FFF: A Cellulomics Concept Download PDF
    Chapter  347:  Cells: Affinity Chromatography Download PDF
    Chapter  348:  Centrifugal Precipitation Chromatography Download PDF
    Chapter  349:  Alcoholic Beverages: GC Analysis Download PDF
    Chapter  350:  Channeling and Column Voids Download PDF
    Chapter  351:  Chemical Warfare Agent Degradation Products: HPLC/MS Analysis Download PDF
    Chapter  352:  Chemical Warfare Agents: GC Analysis Download PDF
    Chapter  353:  Acids: Derivatization for GC Analysis Download PDF
    Chapter  354:  Chemical Warfare Agents: TLC Analysis Download PDF
    Chapter  355:  Chemometrics Download PDF
    Chapter  356:  Alkaloids: CCC Separation Download PDF
    Chapter  357:  Chiral CCC Download PDF
    Chapter  358:  Chiral Chromatography by Subcritical and SFC Download PDF
    Chapter  359:  Chiral Compounds: Separation by CE and MEKC with Cyclodextrins Download PDF
    Chapter  360:  Chiral Separations by GC Download PDF
    Chapter  361:  Chiral Separations by HPLC Download PDF
    Chapter  362:  Chiral Separations by MEKC with Chiral Micelles Download PDF
    Chapter  363:  Chlorinated Fatty Acids: Trace Analysis Download PDF
    Chapter  364:  Chromatographic Peaks: Causes of Fronting Download PDF
    Chapter  365:  Circular and Anti-Circular TLC Download PDF
    Chapter  366:  Clinical Diagnosis by CE Download PDF
    Chapter  367:  Coil Planet Centrifuges Download PDF
    Chapter  368:  Alumina-Based Supports for LC Download PDF
    Chapter  369:  Collagen: HPLC and Capillary Electromigration Download PDF
    Chapter  370:  Plant Toxins: TLC Analysis Download PDF
    Chapter  371:  Colloids: Adhesion on Solid Surfaces by FFF Download PDF
    Chapter  372:  Colloids: Aggregation in FFF Download PDF
    Chapter  373:  Colloids: Concentration of Dilute Samples by FFF Download PDF
    Chapter  374:  Column Switching: Fast Analysis Download PDF
    Chapter  375:  Columns: CEC Measurement and Calculation of Basic Electrochemical Properties Download PDF
    Chapter  376:  Columns: Resolving Power Download PDF
    Chapter  377:  Conductivity Detection in CE Download PDF
    Chapter  378:  Conductivity Detection in HPLC Download PDF
    Chapter  379:  Congener-Specific PCB Analysis Download PDF
    Chapter  380:  Copolymers: Composition by GPC/SEC Download PDF
    Chapter  381:  Copolymers: Molecular Weights by GPC/SEC Download PDF
    Chapter  382:  Coriolis Force in CCC Download PDF
    Chapter  383:  Amines, Amino Acids, Amides and Imides: Derivatization for GC Analysis Download PDF
    Chapter  384:  Corrected Retention Time and Corrected Retention Volume Download PDF
    Chapter  385:  Coumarins: TLC Analysis Download PDF
    Chapter  386:  Counterfeit Drugs: TLC Analysis Download PDF
    Chapter  387:  CPC Download PDF
    Chapter  388:  Creatinine and Purine Derivatives: Analysis by HPLC Download PDF
    Chapter  389:  Cyanobacterial Hepatotoxin Microcystins: Affinity Chromatography Purification Download PDF
    Chapter  390:  Cyclodextrins in GC Download PDF
    Chapter  391:  Cyclodextrins in HPLC Download PDF
    Chapter  392:  Dead Point: Volume or Time Download PDF
    Chapter  393:  Dendrimers and Hyperbranched Polymers: GPC/SEC Analysis Download PDF
    Chapter  394:  Derivatization of Analytes: General Aspects Download PDF
    Chapter  395:  Detection in CCC Download PDF
    Chapter  396:  Detection in FFF Download PDF
    Chapter  397:  Detection in Ion Chromatography Download PDF
    Chapter  398:  Detection of TLC Zones Download PDF
    Chapter  399:  Diffusion Coefficients from GC Download PDF
    Chapter  400:  Drug Development: LC/MS in Download PDF
    Chapter  401:  Drugs: HPLC Analysis of NSAIDs Download PDF
    Chapter  402:  Dry-Column Chromatography Download PDF
    Chapter  403:  Dual CCC Download PDF
    Chapter  404:  Amino Acids: HPLC Analysis Download PDF
    Chapter  405:  Eddy Diffusion in LC Download PDF
    Chapter  406:  Efficiency in Chromatography Download PDF
    Chapter  407:  Efficiency of a TLC Plate Download PDF
    Chapter  408:  Electrochemical Detection Download PDF
    Chapter  409:  Electrochemical Detection in CE Download PDF
    Chapter  410:  Electrokinetic Chromatography Including MEKC Download PDF
    Chapter  411:  Electron-Capture Detector Download PDF
    Chapter  412:  Electro-Osmotic Flow Download PDF
    Chapter  413:  Electro-Osmotic Flow in Capillary Tubes Download PDF
    Chapter  414:  Electro-Osmotic Flow Nonuniformity: Influence on Efficiency of CE Download PDF
    Chapter  415:  Electrophoresis in Microfabricated Devices Download PDF
    Chapter  416:  Electrospray Ionization Interface for CE/MS Download PDF
    Chapter  417:  Eluotropic Series of Solvents for TLC Download PDF
    Chapter  418:  Elution Chromatography Download PDF
    Chapter  419:  Elution Modes in FFF Download PDF
    Chapter  420:  Amino Acids: HPLC Analysis Advanced Techniques Download PDF
    Chapter  421:  Elution Volumes: Concentration Effects on SEC Download PDF
    Chapter  422:  Enantiomers: TLC Separation Download PDF
    Chapter  423:  Enantioseparation by CEC Download PDF
    Chapter  424:  Enantioseparation in HPLC: Thermodynamic Studies Download PDF
    Chapter  425:  End Capping Download PDF
    Chapter  426:  Enoxacin: CE and HPLC Analysis Download PDF
    Chapter  427:  Environmental Applications of Reversed-Flow GC Download PDF
    Chapter  428:  Environmental Applications of SFC Download PDF
    Chapter  429:  Environmental Materials: Supercritical Fluid Extraction of Polynuclear Aromatic Hydrocarbons Download PDF
    Chapter  430:  Environmental Pollutants: CE Analysis Download PDF
    Chapter  431:  Environmental Research: Ion Chromatography Download PDF
    Chapter  432:  Essential Oils: GC Analysis Download PDF
    Chapter  433:  Evaporative Light Scattering Detection Download PDF
    Chapter  434:  Evaporative Light Scattering Detection for LC Download PDF
    Chapter  435:  Evaporative Light Scattering Detection for SFC Download PDF
    Chapter  436:  Exclusion Limit in GPC/SEC Download PDF
    Chapter  437:  Extra-Column Dispersion Download PDF
    Chapter  438:  Extra-Column Volume Download PDF
    Chapter  439:  Fast GC Download PDF
    Chapter  440:  Fatty Acids: GC Analysis Download PDF
    Chapter  441:  Fatty Acids: Silver Ion TLC Download PDF
    Chapter  442:  FFF Fundamentals Download PDF
    Chapter  443:  FFF with Electro-Osmotic Flow Download PDF
    Chapter  444:  FFF: Data Treatment Download PDF
    Chapter  445:  FFF: Frit-Inlet Asymmetrical Flow Download PDF
    Chapter  446:  Flash Chromatography: TLC for Method Development and Purity Testing of Fractions Download PDF
    Chapter  447:  Antibiotics: TLC Analysis Download PDF
    Chapter  448:  Food: Quinolone Antibiotics Analysis by LC Download PDF
    Chapter  449:  Forensic Ink: TLC Analysis Download PDF
    Chapter  450:  GC: Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy Download PDF
    Chapter  451:  GC: System Instrumentation Download PDF
    Chapter  452:  GPC/SEC Download PDF
    Chapter  453:  GPC/SEC Viscometry from Multi-Angle Light Scattering Download PDF
    Chapter  454:  GPC/SEC/HPLC without Calibration: Multi-Angle Light Scattering Download PDF
    Chapter  455:  Amino Acids and Derivatives: TLC Analysis Download PDF
    Chapter  456:  Amino Acids, Peptides, and Proteins: CE Analysis Download PDF
    Chapter  457:  Analyte–Analyte Interactions: TLC Band Formation Download PDF
    Chapter  458:  Anti-Tuberculosis Drugs Download PDF
    Chapter  459:  Antibiotics: CCC Separation Download PDF
    Chapter  460:  Antidiabetic Drugs: HPLC/TLC Determination Download PDF
    Chapter  461:  Antioxidant Activity: Measurement by HPLC Download PDF
    Chapter  462:  Antiretroviral Drugs Download PDF
    Chapter  463:  Applied Voltage: Mobility, Selectivity, and Resolution in CE Download PDF
    Chapter  464:  Atomic Emission Detector for GC Download PDF
    Chapter  465:  DNA Sequencing: CE Download PDF
    Chapter  466:  Detection Principles Download PDF
    Chapter  467:  Detector Linear Dynamic Range Download PDF
    Chapter  468:  Detector Linearity and Response Index Download PDF
    Chapter  469:  Detector Noise Download PDF
    Chapter  470:  Diode Array Detectors: Peak Identification Download PDF
    Chapter  471:  Diode Array Detectors: Peak Purity Determination Download PDF
    Chapter  472:  Displacement Chromatography Download PDF
    Chapter  473:  Displacement TLC Download PDF
    Chapter  474:  Distribution Coefficient Download PDF
    Chapter  475:  Fipronil Residue in Water Download PDF
    Chapter  476:  Flame Ionization Detector for GC Download PDF
    Chapter  477:  Flash Chromatography Download PDF
    Chapter  478:  Flavonoids: HPLC Analysis Download PDF
    Chapter  479:  Flow FFF Download PDF
    Chapter  480:  Fluorescence Detection in CE Download PDF
    Chapter  481:  Fluorescence Detection in HPLC Download PDF
    Chapter  482:  Foam CCC Download PDF
    Chapter  483:  Food Analysis: Ion Chromatography Download PDF
    Chapter  484:  Food Colors: TLC Analysis and Scanning Densitometry Download PDF
    Chapter  485:  Food: Drug Residue Analysis by LC/MS Download PDF
    Chapter  486:  Food: Penicillin Antibiotics Analysis by LC Download PDF
    Chapter  487:  Food: Vitamin B and Related Compound Analysis by TLC Download PDF
    Chapter  488:  Food: β-Agonist Residue Analysis by LC Download PDF
    Chapter  489:  Forensic Applications of GC Download PDF
    Chapter  490:  Forskolin Purification Download PDF
    Chapter  491:  Frontal Chromatography Download PDF
    Chapter  492:  Fuel Cells: Reversed-Flow GC Download PDF
    Chapter  493:  GC/MS Systems Download PDF
    Chapter  494:  Gas Sampling Systems for GC Download PDF
    Chapter  495:  Silica Capillaries: Polymeric Coating for CE Download PDF
    Index Download PDF
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