Routledge Music handbooks and companions revolve around current topics such as Music and Cognition, and evolving areas of study like music and visual culture, and popular music analysis. We are also developing content in tried and true compendiums needed for core fields of research, such as Jazz Studies and Musical Theatre.  Contributors range from junior to more established scholars, and with a global presence. We seek staples required for learning, as well as the leading trends in musicology. This subject’s full title listing can be downloaded here. As long as there are a minimum of titles available within a subject area then these titles can be purchased within a Subject Collection. New Subject Collections are created annually as new titles are added to the platform.

The major objective of this collection of 28 essays is to analyze the trends, musical formats, and rhetorical devices used in popular music to illuminate the human condition.
As a coherent field of research, the field of music and visual culture has seen rapid growth in recent years.
The Ashgate Research Companion to Henry Purcell provides a comprehensive and authoritative review of current research into Purcell and the environment of Restoration music, with contributions from lea...
In recent years the music of minimalist composers such as La Monte Young, Terry Riley, Steve Reich and Philip Glass has, increasingly, become the subject of important musicological reflection, researc...
The research presented in this volume is very recent, and the general approach is that of rethinking popular musicology: its purpose, its aims, and its methods.
The Routledge Companion to Sounding Art presents an overview of the issues, methods, and approaches crucial for the study of sound in artistic practice.
The Ashgate Research Companion to Johann Sebastian Bach provides an indispensable introduction to the Bach research of the past thirty-fifty years.
The Routledge Companion to Music, Technology, and Education is a comprehensive resource that draws together burgeoning research on the use of technology in music education around the world.
Music is a frequently neglected aspect of Japanese culture.
The recent resurgence of experimental music has given rise to a more divergent range of practices than has previously been the case.
Why is gender inseparable from pop songs? What can gender representations in musical performances mean? Why are there strong links between gender, sexuality and popular music? The sound of the voice, ...
Popular music is a growing presence in education, formal and otherwise, from primary school to postgraduate study.
The Routledge Companion to Embodied Music Interaction captures a new paradigm in the study of music interaction, as a wave of recent research focuses on the role of the human body in musical experienc...
The Routledge Companion to Screen Music and Sound provides a detailed and comprehensive overview of screen music and sound studies, addressing the ways in which music and sound interact with forms of ...
The Routledge Companion to Music Cognition addresses fundamental questions about the nature of music from a psychological perspective.
Victorian Vocalists is a masterful and entertaining collection of 100 biographies of mid- to late-19th-century singers and stars.
The Routledge Companion to the Study of Local Musicking provides a reference to how, cross-culturally, musicking constructs locality and how locality is constructed by the musicking that takes place ...
The theme of this Research Companion is 'connectivity and the global reach of electroacoustic music and sonic arts made with technology'.
The Routledge Companion to Popular Music History and Heritage examines the social, cultural, political and economic value of popular music as history and heritage.
The Routledge Companion to Popular Music Analysis: Expanding Approaches widens the scope of analytical approaches for popular music by incorporating methods developed for analyzing contemporary art mu...
Of the post-war, post-serialist generation of European composers, it was Luigi Nono who succeeded not only in identifying and addressing aesthetic and technical questions of his time, but in showing a...
<P><EM>The Routledge Companion to Jazz Studies</EM> presents over forty articles from internationally renowned scholars and highlights the strengths of current jazz scholarship in a ...
Modernism in music still arouses passions and is riven by controversies.
<P>In recent decades, the relationship between music, emotions, health and well-being has become a hot topic.
An essential part of human expression, humor plays a role in all forms of art, and humorous and comedic aspects have always been part of popular music.
The Routledge Companion to the Contemporary Musical is dedicated to the musical?s evolving relationship to American culture in the late twentieth and early twenty-first centuries.
At this book's core is a critical edition of letters exchanged over 50 years between Anglo-Irish composer Elizabeth Maconchy (1907-1994) and the Welsh composer Grace Williams (1906-1977).
Today?s music theory instructors face a changing environment, one where the traditional lecture format is in decline.
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