Built Environment

Routledge’s Built Environment handbooks offer an expansive look at planning and its related areas of urban design, transportation, policy and more. With an international focus, our titles provide authoritative and comprehensive contributions from leading practitioners, researchers and scholars from around the world.  With an ever-growing collection of research and case studies, our built environment handbooks delve into traditional and contemporary topics while pioneering radical concepts and processes. From urbanization to landscape to well-being, these innovative titles are truly invaluable resources to all those in the planning field and its related subject areas. This subject’s full title listing can be downloaded here. As long as there are a minimum of titles available within a subject area then these titles can be purchased within a Subject Collection. New Subject Collections are created annually as new titles are added to the platform.

The Routledge Handbook of Planning Research Methods is an expansive look at the traditions, methods, and challenges of research design and research projects in contemporary urban planning.
The Routledge Handbook of Transportation offers a current and comprehensive survey of transportation planning and engineering research.
Elements of Architecture explores new ways of engaging architecture in archaeology.
The Routledge Companion for Architecture Design and Practice provides an overview of established and emerging trends in architecture practice.
It has become increasingly evident that effective planning for sustainable communities, environments and economies pivots on the ability of planners to see the possibilities for culture in comprehensi...
The Routledge Companion to Biology in Art and Architecture collects thirty essays from a transdisciplinary array of experts on biology in art and architecture.
At a time of potentially radical changes in the ways in which humans interact with their environments - through financial, environmental and/or social crises - the raison d'être of spatial planning f...
The Routledge Handbook of Community Development explores community development theory and practice across the world.
The Routledge Handbook of Planning History offers a comprehensive interdisciplinary overview of planning history since its emergence in the late 19th century, investigating the history of the discipli...
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